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From the Publisher

7th Anniversary!

Vicki Franz, Publisher

When we began this adventure in August 2011, we profiled Rob Weinhold and the Fallston Group on our first cover. This was an exciting first step in what is now a journey to build a better business connector for Baltimore. As I look back through our archives (posted on, the snapshot of leaders we’ve profiled across a wide range of businesses is impressive.

Many argued at the time that print was dead, that we were crazy to enter what was perceived to be a crowded publishing field, and take on the challenges of a revenue model that was on life support.

But, being hardheaded, tenacious and driven, I was undeterred. Local newspapers were publishing less and less about business. It was increasingly hard to find stories about companies doing great things, innovations and thought leadership. Business news was reduced to online feeds of 75-word press releases that were here today and gone tomorrow. I knew that we could build a magazine that would resonate with the business community by providing excellent story writing about successful businesses and the people who run them. This became our goal, to fill the void of stories that go beyond a few sentences and engage business professionals.

Our mission has always been to connect people – it’s always about people. Our decision to feature business leaders on the cover is true to that mission. The stories of their vision and leadership are what make each company successful. We include stories on a wide variety of topics and industries and support economic development and entrepreneurship, telling stories that motivate and inform us all.

Without the direction of Executive Editor Gregory Alexander, we would not have reached this 7th anniversary. Through his careful stewardship, he has developed relationships with excellent writers, photographers and business liaisons to provide a variety of voices that all sing the same song. His story selection is diverse, exciting and informative. His editorial direction is the glue that binds our stories into a cohesive brand.

We’ve all seen how marketing has changed over the past six years. If you stand still, you’re crushed. I95 BUSINESS has responded to marketing trends and works closely with clients to provide the solutions they are seeking. Please come with us on the next leg of our journey as we launch a new website in October and take Brand Marketing to another level. See page 41 in our current issue for more information.