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University Center Serves Business Needs
August 2014
Northeast Maryland Benefits From Academic Partner Institutions of higher learning – especially those with a definitive bent toward career preparation and training – actively seek the input and advice of the business community. After all, the business leaders are the ones doing the hiring and know firsthand what the workforce needs are, so an active […]

Advance Your Career
December 2013
Towson University’s Applied Information Technology Program.

Security Central
August 2013
Everything from simple documents and media entertainment to municipal operations and national security is being digitized and becoming highly susceptible to hackers and thieves. Digitization is the process by which an object, sound, image, document or signal is converted from its physical state into a digital state. The resulting digital files travel the Internet or […]

August 2013
When I graduated high school 25 years ago, I went off to the University of Georgia for journalism school, while a few of my best friends went to Clemson University to study engineering. And even when they would tell me what their specialization was – mechanical, civil, chemical – I have to admit I really […]

Life-Long Learning is Your Key to Success
August 2013
University of Maryland’s Clark School of Engineering Life-long learning is a requirement for anyone who wants to succeed in his or her career and be a leader in the technology workforce. Marylanders have recognized this need as we lead the nation in the number of engineers and scientists with graduate degrees. These leaders have made […]

Towson University Heads North
August 2013
New Harford County Campus Will Address Workforce, Student Needs Northeastern Maryland has seen enormous growth in the past decade in terms of population and commercial development. However, the region still lacked one critical element for future growth – a four-year higher education institution. That will all change in the fall of 2014 thanks to the […]