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Taking the ‘LEED’
June 2016
Global climate change represents a profound challenge for the built environment, especially as buildings account for an estimated one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions. But it also represents a tremendous opportunity for how buildings are designed, construction and operated. Through the use of LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, U.S. Green Building Council […]

Mindful Shopping
June 2016
The retail industry impacts almost everyone at some point on a daily basis. The industry has always been a constantly shifting target and now, with the advent of commodity shopping centers and online shopping, another profound shift has occurred. Shopping centers have become critical gathering spaces that offer experiences and enrich our lives. Whether you […]

Renewable Energy
June 2016
Claire Johnson has wanted to be an energy executive since she was a child. A middle school science fair project studied the effect of acid rain on the environment. That was just her start. She helped create an undergraduate major in environmental science and public policy at Harvard University, and after earning that degree, she […]

It Pays to Go Green
June 2016
When looking to reduce operating costs, business owners don’t need to look far. The answer is right in the building. Energy typically represents about 30 percent of a commercial building’s costs and is the largest operating expense for many businesses. With those numbers, business owners can’t afford not to take a hard look at reducing […]

Seeing Green Early On
June 2016
As an undergraduate engineering student at University of Pennsylvania, Robert L. Wallace, now president and founder of Baltimore-based Bithenergy Inc., gravitated to solar and wind energy in particular.“Green by design …  it’s in my spirit,” he says. Wallace’s company, Bithenergy (, earned top honors in “Fortune Magazine’s” 2015 Inner City 100 List as the No. […]

Turning Waste into Energy
June 2015
At times, the fleet of four dozen pieces of rolling equipment, ranging from tankers to vacuum trucks, not to mention skilled technicians and support staff, seem like an army, ready to rid the world of unwanted grease and many other waste materials. But it’s just Kline’s Services LLC, an innovative waste removal company that handles both wet and dry wastes for clients in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. The Lancaster County, Pa., based company employs more than 100 people …

New Energy System Improves Efficiency
June 2014
University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Medical Center (UM UCMC) is the first hospital in the state of Maryland to employ a combined heat and power (CHP) System on its Bel Air, Md., campus. This new energy system will significantly improve the electrical efficiency of the hospital. According to a report from the American Counsel of Energy-Efficient Economy …

It Takes A Team
June 2014
The mission of the Sustainability Office is to develop comprehensive partnerships, policies and programs to increase operational efficiency through comprehensive decision-making whereby economic, environmental and community perspectives are considered to efficiently use and reuse the County’s resources while reducing operating costs and our environmental footprint. In May of 2011, the Sustainability Office was created as a Division within the Department of Administration …