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A Cool Start-Up That’s On Fire
December 2017
A medical device start-up company in Federal Hill in Baltimore is making progress in receiving approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the development of their body temperature-cooling technology. CoolTech LLC is the company behind the medical device, CoolStat, which works to cool the body through a process known as evaporative cooling. Warm, […]

Not Playing Games
October 2017
Every parent can relate to the terrible feeling when your child comes home disappointed because he or she did not make the team. Tim Rhode, a Baltimore County parent of two children, experienced this firsthand two years ago when his son shared the news that he had applied to a team but was sadly not […]

Linking Youth to New Experiences
October 2017
A few years ago, Laurene Jobs, widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, launched an effort to innovate America’s high schools. She pledged $50 million, inviting school personnel and business leaders to submit proposals for funding needed to launch new initiatives. While this was in process, talks already were underway at Towson University to determine how […]

Fuel of The Future
August 2017
In Frederick, Md., lies 16 acres of land dotted with ponds. The ponds are rife with algae, the scummy aquatic organisms that turn water an unpleasant and uninviting green. But that’s just fine with Onur Unal and Ryan Powell, founders of Manta Biofuel. In fact, it’s part of their business model. The Baltimore-based biotechnology company is […]

Economic Impact of The Bay
June 2017
The Chesapeake Bay is a national treasure. For more than 30 years, six bay states, the District of Columbia and several federal government agencies have worked in partnership to reverse the impact of a century of pollution. Until recently, however, the effort did little more than keep the bay from getting worse. That changed in […]

Youth Movement
April 2017
A three-week high school service trip stirred something in Param Shah. Shah, a native Californian, traveled to the Himalayan Region of India in 2014 to help build sanitation systems and assist in other projects to improve conditions for those residing there. The mission trip was arranged through the Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development (CORD), which […]

Quick Solutions
December 2016
Luke Cooper first turned his interest and attention to technology at 12 years old. Living in a single parent household in Bridgeport, Conn., he found solace in it, actually. But it was a National Foundation for Teaching entrepreneurship program that put him on his path. The program taught all aspects of entrepreneurship – how to […]

A New Spin on IT
October 2016
CTI is an IT solutions and consulting firm based in Hunt Valley, MD. Founded in 1985 by CEO Kip Einbrod, CTI empowers customer success through the application of innovative technologies. With specialization in data center design, integration, and information security solutions, CTI is a trusted IT partner for hundreds of businesses in the Baltimore area. […]

A Little Appreciation Goes a Long Way
October 2016
“Thank you!” “Great Job!” “Kudos!” The air was alive with gratitude and celebration during the ninth annual Business Appreciation Week, Sept. 19-23. More than 60 Harford County businesses received recognition and thanks from Harford County officials during personal visits and special events spearheaded by the Harford County Office of Economic Development (OED). “Business Appreciation Week […]

Cyber Success
October 2016
Phoenix Operations Group, an engineering services company focusing on high-end cyber security solutions, needed support to grow. In mid-2015, the company had six employees. Word of mouth brought company officials to BWTech’s Cyber Incubator and the company soon signed on as an affiliate. Though the company doesn’t rent office space, its staff does attend training […]

Brewing New Businesses in Harford County
August 2016
There’s a new crop growing in Harford County’s agricultural fields. It’s not a new kind of corn or tomatoes. It’s hops, and local farmers are using the results of their labors to brew their own beers. Thanks to a Class 8 farm brewery license championed by Harford County Executive Barry Glassman, farmers can use ingredients […]

Craft Beers: From Grain to Glass
August 2016
Combine grain, water, hops and yeast and what do you get? It’s not that simple, but these are the basic ingredients of a successful beer. Producing a good craft brew or IPA starts with a healthy, raw grain, often barley. “With beer being an agricultural commodity at its roots, everything starts and depends on farmers growing […]

Mindful Shopping
June 2016
The retail industry impacts almost everyone at some point on a daily basis. The industry has always been a constantly shifting target and now, with the advent of commodity shopping centers and online shopping, another profound shift has occurred. Shopping centers have become critical gathering spaces that offer experiences and enrich our lives. Whether you […]

Renewable Energy
June 2016
Claire Johnson has wanted to be an energy executive since she was a child. A middle school science fair project studied the effect of acid rain on the environment. That was just her start. She helped create an undergraduate major in environmental science and public policy at Harvard University, and after earning that degree, she […]

Quality Health Care, Touching Lives
April 2016
Dr. Ali Tabrizchi is a board-certified clinical interventional cardiologist practicing with Cardiovascular Associates of Maryland in Bel Air. He uses his hands to save heart attack patients, performing more than 30,000 procedures since beginning practice in 2008. The demands of his job prove physical, and 18 months ago, they took their toll.  His back became […]

Open For Business
April 2016
Producing successful entrepreneurs is a business in itself. That’s just the business Harford’s Business Edge wants. A recently launched not-for-profit organization, Harford’s Business Edge (HBE) is working with the Harford County Office of Economic Development (OED) and other local entities to capitalize on resources available for budding entrepreneurs. “We are a portal for start-up businesses,” […]

Brushing Away Harmful Germs
April 2016
The painters at CertaPro Painters® of Bel Air are brushing up on their skills for the rollout of a new kind of paint that actually kills the germs that make people sick. “There are lots of anti-microbial paints,” says Dave Joynt, owner of CertaPro Painters® of Bel Air. “They don’t actually kill [germs]. This product […]

Smart Bus
February 2016
Soon riders on Harford Transit LINK will be able to answer their own most-asked question: “Where’s my bus?” They’ll be able to see its location on their smartphones using the “Route Shout” app. In addition, in the coming year, they will be able to receive text messages about arrival times and when the bus is […]

Growing Harford County’s Industrial Base
December 2015
Businesses relocating or expanding in Maryland, particularly Harford County, are reaping the benefits from State and local economic development programs designed to enhance the area’s skilled workforce and assist in capital expenditures associated with expansion or relocation. The Harford County Office of Economic Development (OED) and the State Department of Commerce (formerly MD Department of […]

Powering Organizations by Empowering Leaders
October 2015
Are leaders born or made? It’s an age-old question, but one that continues to be relevant to the success of companies today. And what it really comes down to is this: Does leadership training work? Psychologist Bruce Avolio and his colleagues conducted a meta-analysis of 200 studies related to leadership development dating back to the […]

Mapping A New Course
August 2015
Paul Muddiman uses GIS systems to prepare base maps for development sketch plans for clients. He uses GIS to research topography and property lines, elevation and tree lines, and even markings for streams. Muddiman, vice president of Morris & Ritchie Associates, an architecture, engineering and planning firm, is one of many who use Harford County’s […]

Saving Some Green
June 2015
Energy typically represents about 30 percent of a commercial building’s costs and is a property’s largest operating expense. With those numbers, business owners can’t afford not to take a hard look at reducing energy use to improve their bottom line. Baltimore Gas and Electric is ready to help Maryland businesses cut energy costs with financial […]

Open for Business … on the Corridor
April 2015
Innovation. Technology. Efficiency. These efforts have dominated Harford County’s new administration in its first 100 days under the leadership of County Executive Barry Glassman. And one of its first initiatives, consolidating and co-locating the Office of Economic Development (OED) with small business resources on the Route 40 Corridor, has achieved all three. Although the consolidation […]

Creating Jobs, Growing the Economy
February 2015
Additive manufacturing, commonly referred to as 3-D printing, has garnered a lot of buzz lately, showcasing how we can create artificial human limbs and even food with this rapidly expanding technology. It’s also been referenced on popular sitcoms such as “The Big Bang Theory,” when the quirky scientists used a 3-D printer to create action figures that mimicked their individual likeness.

The New Face of Today’s Library
April 2014
With all the focus on e-books and other digital media, you might think brick-and-mortar libraries are going the way of the dinosaur. But in Harford County, you couldn’t be more wrong. According to Harford County Public Library Director Mary Hastler, circulation is up this year and 82 percent of the County’s nearly 250,000 residents are registered, active users.

Legal Logs Gets Their Day in Court
December 2013
For Chris Kennedy and many others, not being prepared in a divorce case temporarily cost him primary custody of his children. It was that painful impetus that prompted the career telecommunications sales executive and former bike shop owner to team with childhood friend and Department of Defense technology contractor Erik Lane to launch Legal Logs, an online document portal designed to make winning your case easier.

A Lighter Load for Soldiers
October 2013
Johns Hopkins, Army Team Up to Develop Lightweight Material Imagine for a moment that you are a soldier stationed in the Middle East where temperatures can easily exceed 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. And in this extreme environment, you are wearing full fatigues, heavy combat boots and protective armor while carrying a […]

Introducing “Oozeq™”
August 2013
Bringing Curiosity to Market Google “oobleck” and you’ll be rewarded with 319,000 results, including instructions on how to make the goopy substance (corn starch and water), background on its name (which comes from the 1947 Dr. Seuss book “Bartholomew and the Oobleck”) and featured appearances on both “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Ellen Show.” […]

How Building Green Can Help Your ‘Triple’ Bottom Line
June 2013
Merritt Properties Co-Director of Leasing, Lou Boeri, admits when Merritt first started looking into green building nearly a decade ago, they were evaluating it more for marketing purposes than as environmental stewards. But as the Merritt team started to learn more about sustainability, they quickly realized that it mattered far more than just a marketing […]

Dissecting the Business of Surgical Training with OEI
April 2013
The website of Operative Experience, Inc. (OEI) is not for the faint of heart. Their home page features full-color rotating images that range from a blood-spattered, gloved “thumbs up” to close-ups of various medical procedures. While undeniably graphic, the photo selection vividly showcases the work of this North East, Md.-based company: simulation-based training systems for […]

A Greener Way to Garden–Flowers by Bauers
February 2013
By definition, hydroponics is composed of two Greek words – “hydro” meaning water and “ponics” meaning labor. It is used to reference a method of growing and farming plants – flowers, vegetables, and grains – in a water-based solution without soil. Flowers by Bauers, a local florist with a retail store in Jarrettsville and a […]

A Fertile Future for Veteran Compost
December 2012
Dressed in jeans and sturdy boots, prepared to trudge through mud and filth, and with my husband’s parting words, “You might want to take a clothespin for your nose” ringing in my ears, I approached my visit to Veteran Compost with a mix of trepidation and cluelessness. Sure, I had done my basic research, but […]

95 Years of Innovation and Discovery
October 2012
World War I saw the introduction of chemical agents on the battlefields in Europe. In 1915, the German Army released chlorine gas on French Terri-torial and Colonial forces in Ypres, Belgium killing and maiming thousands of soldiers, including their own. While European countries continued to use this tactic as the war progressed, the United States […]

Superior Technology Designed to Kill
October 2012
The Center for Disease Control estimates that 1.7 million cases of hospital acquired infections (HAI) – or nosocomial infections – result in roughly 100,000 deaths each year. Johns Hopkins patient safety expert, Peter Pronovost, M.D., Ph.D., wrote in the July 14, 2010, issue of the “Journal of the American Medical Association” that these infections wind […]

Real Life Prosthetics: Making a Real Difference in Maryland and Around the World
October 2012
With the proliferation of body parts scattered throughout the Box Hill Corporate Center office space, an unknowing visitor might think he or she stumbled into a Hollywood special effects studio. But the work company president Jonas Seeberg and his staff at Real Life Prosthetics do makes a very real difference to clients ranging from Paralympic […]

55 Years of Grinding Out Success at The Mill
August 2012
From its earliest beginnings, The Mill is a family business. In 1886, entrepreneur Henry Reckord built Reckord Mill, a four-story flour mill alongside the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad featuring the latest automation technology. According to the Maryland Historical Trust, the new mill was the sole industrial operation in Bel Air from the 19th century to […]

Exposing the Impact of Science & Technology
June 2012
The Global Positioning System (GPS) was put to widespread military use during the Desert Storm conflict. The GPS units helped military personnel navigate the very unfamiliar desert terrain of Iraq and Kuwait and carried a hefty price tag in the vicinity of $50,000 each. Fast-forward 20 years. Not only is the GPS technology ubiquitous and […]

A Story of Failure
March 2012
Taking over the family’s 140-acre farm from his father in 1972, Ed Snodgrass  was traveling the well-worn path of six generations. His ancestors settled in the area after emigrating from Scotland, and like his father and grandfather before him, Snodgrass worked the farm until it became his own. It was the mid-1980s and commodity prices […]

Getting Business Down to an Art
March 2012
Business and art. At seemingly opposite ends of the human spectrum, the two are seldom mentioned in the same sentence, with the exception of economic-driven sponsorships that have led to some of our nation’s largest arts venues bearing the names of some of our country’s largest businesses. Yet in reality, the two are intrinsically intertwined, […]

Promoting the Promoter
February 2012
You would be shortsighted if you thought that supporting tourism in Harford County was not or should not be part of your business plan. Tourism is everybody’s business. Why? Because it is big business. Tourism generated $13.1 billion in visitor spending in Maryland last year – $300 million in Harford County alone. When tourism is […]

And On His Farm He Had a Llama?
December 2011
With snarling traffic jams, the country’s premier facility for non-medical chemical and biological research, and a newly opened Wegmans, it may be hard for some to imagine that Harford County is still very much an agricultural community. Based on the data in the 2012 Harford County Land Use report, 55 percent of primary land use […]

Integrating Social Media into Your Strategic Plan
October 2011
Social media. Social networking. Social marketing. Let’s face it, there has been a paradigm shift in communications that companies – big and small – can no longer afford to ignore. The days of creating a message and shouting it out to the masses are gone. It’s now a dialogue, and your customer has a very […]

Visual Nation
August 2011
What does 3-D technology have to do with the Department of Homeland Security? As it turns out, more than you might think. While for years certain industries have used video game-type applications in lieu of more costly training options, the same technology is being applied today on a larger scale to simulate operational situations for […]

Tasting the Future
August 2011
“Selling healthy to make buying healthy affordable for everyone.”  It’s the mission of serial entrepreneur and owner of the LIV ORGANIC brand, Bill Cook, and he takes it very seriously. 3 Smart Things About LIV ORGANIC1. No High Fructose Corn Syrup: Flavored and sweetened naturally with no artificial colors, dyes or sweeteners. High fructose corn […]