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The Transformation of Food into Gold
December 2017
Michael Matassa and Debi Bell-Matassa call their scratch-made cuisine at Alchemy Elements cross-cultural and multi-cultural but also local. “We manipulate raw products and put magic on the plate,” Bell-Matassa says, in reference to traditional alchemy science that mysteriously transforms base metals into gold. “We take raw, fresh ingredients and create gold on the plate,” Matassa […]

Bright Ways to Save
June 2017
MacKenzie Management used financial incentives from BGE’s Smart Energy Savers Program to install energy-saving improvements in several of its buildings, including this one. When looking to reduce operating costs, business owners don’t need to look far. The answer’s right in the building. Energy typically represents about 30 percent of a commercial building’s costs and is […]

Workplace Wellbeing
April 2017
According to a 2014 RAND Corporation report, half of all employers with at least 50 employees offered wellness programs, and nearly half of all employers without a program said they intend to introduce one. Among employers with 1,000 or more employees, 85 percent offer some version of a wellness program. Yet, only about one-quarter of […]

Maximizing Potential
December 2016
Mid-level business leaders aiming to advance in their careers are turning to a new program first offered by the Loyola University Sellinger School of Business & Management this fall. Executive Education, designed for middle-level managers with eight or more years of experience who seek to advance to director or higher level general management positions, is […]

Connecting Farmers to Diners
August 2016
When you go to a local restaurant, you expect a certain value for your dollar spent. The employees assisting you should be friendly and helpful. The environment should be tidy and not overwhelming. Your food should be prepared with care and arrive at the table in a reasonable amount of time. You don’t have to […]

It Pays to Go Green
June 2016
When looking to reduce operating costs, business owners don’t need to look far. The answer is right in the building. Energy typically represents about 30 percent of a commercial building’s costs and is the largest operating expense for many businesses. With those numbers, business owners can’t afford not to take a hard look at reducing […]

Managing Tomorrow’s Workforce Today
February 2016
The aging of America’s workforce and the mass exodus of skilled, experienced workers from the baby boomer generation are having a profound effect on every aspect of business, most critically in personnel and staffing. This creates a unique challenge for CEOs, human resource managers and staffing companies who all aim to ensure that the day-to-day […]

Veterans and Franchising – A Perfect Fit
August 2015
Each year, somewhere between 240,000 and 360,000 personnel leave the ranks of the U.S. military, and over the next few years, over one million veterans will be transitioning out of the service. The U.S. Army, which has the largest presence in Maryland of all service branches, has announced an additional reduction in force, resulting in […]

Making an Impact
June 2015
While casinos, biotech, and cyber security get all the love from the media, it’s manufacturing that is actually touching our lives every day in every way imaginable. The significance of the manufacturing sector in Maryland is often not well appreciated. We rely on so many products that are produced across the state that impact our daily lives.

The Affordable Care Act
April 2015
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law on March 23, 2010, with the aim of reducing the number of individuals without health insurance and minimizing health care costs in the United States. Many of the ACA components implemented to date focus on health insurance reform, expanded health insurance coverage and health plan administration. […]

Finding the Perfect Office
February 2015
For some, the office is where the majority of time is spent in a day, other than perhaps at home. As much time and care goes in to finding the right home, the same can be said for the office.

Hiring Today
December 2014
According to the most recent Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, one of the most trusted surveys of global employment activity, 19 percent of the 18,000 hiring managers surveyed had plans to hire in the fourth quarter of this year, the best job outlook since the first quarter of 2008. Maryland’s numbers closely mirror the national average, […]

Doing Well by Doing Good
October 2014
The United States is the world’s most generous nation, according to the 2013 World Giving Index, which ranks countries based on monetary giving, volunteering and helping of strangers in a typical month. It should come as no surprise, then, that this national emphasis on philanthropy is carrying over into the business world. According to Giving […]

Courses, Seminars, Conferences Equal a Smarter Workforce
August 2014
In a challenging economy, employers are invariably looking for ways to cut costs. But it is extraordinarily important that no one neglects the importance of higher education and professional development for its employees. Providing opportunities for enhanced job skills is an arena that should be maintained, if not increased, if one is to remain competitive. […]

Less Stress at the Front of the Line
June 2014
Is TSA Pre-Check Worth It? If you prefer to meet a client in person and must fly to do so, chances are you have spent anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour waiting in line at TSA Security at BWI or at one of Washington, D.C.’s airports. However, thanks to an innovative government program called […]

Is the Business Traveler a Dying Breed?
June 2014
George Clooney may have given a face to the stereotypical frequent business traveler in the 2009 movie “Up in the Air,” but would he still have to fly around the country in 2014 to do his job? Thanks to the advent of online meeting, desktop sharing and video conferencing software and apps, more and more business meetings are conducted online. Citrix’s popular GoToMeeting, which boasts more than 34 million online meetings were held in 2013, specifically targets business users with personal and corporate packages, while video call software including Skype and Facetime has become mainstream.

Healthy Employees = Happy Employees
April 2014
Corporate wellness programs are on the rise Fit to Lead. Literally. Picture two employees. We’ll call them Joe and Bob. Both report for duty at 8 a.m. sharp. Both wear power suits, carry smartphones and have back-to-back appointments through 3 p.m. Both are top sales producers. Here, the similarities end. By 10 a.m., Bob is […]

“Hey, Put Me in Coach!”
February 2014
If you think securing the services of an executive or leadership coach might be like hiring your own personal cheerleader, think again.

Use Outside Experts to Grow Your Business
October 2013
Business developers tell small business owners to work on their businesses, not in their businesses. Sometimes that’s hard to do, especially if you started your company to capitalize on a passion. Think of it this way: if you are washing the dogs or making the widgets, who’s out there promoting your brand and building relationships […]

Academia and Businesses Partner to Improve Workforce
August 2013
Praxis vs. pedagogy. Do processes in the workplace fuel what is taught in the classroom? Or does knowledge generated by scholars guide workplace effort? Ideally, practice and theory work in synergy, with the workplace incorporating institutional knowledge and the classroom transforming based on corporate need. That’s certainly the case in the Mid-Atlantic region, where community […]

Maryland Leads the Nation in Energy Efficiency Initiatives
June 2013
Maryland businesses benefit more from State Legislature initiatives to save energy, money and the environment than their counterparts located anywhere else in the country. The EmPOWER Maryland Act of 2008 was implemented to reduce energy consumption by 15 percent in the State of Maryland by the year 2015 through a small surcharge added to the […]

Energy Upgrades Made Easy and Affordable
June 2013
BGE’s Smart Energy Savings Program Energy use represents the single largest operating expense in the property management business sector – accounting for up to 30 percent of a typical office building’s operational costs. To help improve energy efficiency and cut costs, thousands of Maryland businesses, from small apartment buildings to large shopping centers, are taking […]

Making Headway with Health Care Reform
April 2013
Health care reform relies on new laws as well as laws that have been on the books for years … Small business owners face hefty fines, penalties and taxes for non-compliance … The IRS and the Department of Labor are hiring thousands of new auditors … Read between the lines. Unless small business owners take […]

Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders
February 2013
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a mentor as a trusted counselor or guide. After speaking with our expert panel about mentoring programs in Harford and Cecil counties, I95 BUSINESS discovered this definition falls woefully short of describing the impact of pairing subject matter experts with students eager to follow in their footsteps. This month, four experts […]

Ensure You Have Proper Insurance
December 2012
Most everyone makes a few resolutions for the New Year. Our experts say business owners should use the end of the year to review their insurance coverage and resolve to be better protected from life’s predictable and unpredictable circumstances. Tony Palumbo, owner and president Palumbo Insurance Associates Tony Palumbo founded Palumbo Insurance Associates in 2009, […]

Hiring Vets – It’s the Right Thing To Do
October 2012
Some businesses say they want to hire military veterans, while others take specific actions to ensure they do. Two businesses identified by the Susquehanna Workforce Network (SWN) as having strong veterans hiring programs share how they do it with I95 BUSINESS, while the SWN explains why veterans require – and deserve – specialized outreach programs. […]

Plan. Protect. Prepare.
August 2012
Three owners of businesses that have stood the test of time shared their stories with I95Business. Howard McComas IV, president McComas Funeral Home, Founded 1808 McComas Funeral Home, with locations in Abingdon and Bel Air, is now in its sixth generation of consecutive family ownership. The business provides traditional funeral and cremation services, along with […]

Managing the Message
June 2012
Social media is an increasingly important part of many companies’ marketing campaigns, allowing them to target and reach their audience on a personal level. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn let companies intimately engage with their customers; keep up with what is being said about their brands and products; and quickly communicate their messages […]

Managing a Multigenerational Workforce
March 2012
Unleash the Potential in Workers In today’s workplace, the demographics are carved out by four generations. Your parents or grandparents are “The World War II Generation,” also known as “The Silent Generation.” You may be a “Baby Boomer” or perhaps your parents are “Boomers.” And then there are the technology-based segments, “Generation X” followed by […]

How to Encourage Workforce Diversity
February 2012
Build Your Culture of Value and Respect Diversity is a hot topic in the workplace. More than ever, companies value diversity to stay competitive and foster better connections with customers. Diversity involves trying different ideas, reaching out to new customers or implementing new operational procedures. It’s how companies approach problems and reach solutions. Clearly, diversity […]

How to Position Your Business for Success
December 2011
Expert Advice on Budgets, Marketing and More In today’s uncertain economy, successful businesses are implementing strategies to ensure their long-term success. Whether it’s increasing budgets for growth or crafting effective marketing, I95 BUSINESS probed three business owners for ideas on how to position for success. Positioning for Growth Anita Brightman, president of A. Bright Idea […]

Green Business Strategies That Save Money
October 2011
The Insider’s Perspective Searching for great companies doing their share environmentally, I95 BUSINESS found the Harford County Green Business Network and three companies willing to share their green ideas. Klein’s Shoprite, McCormick & Co. Inc. and Frederick Ward Associates, Inc. represent very different industries with commitments to green business. To these companies, “being green,” means much […]

How to Get Hired
August 2011
Recruiters and human resources professionals are the experts in how to get a job in corporate and non-profit America. Jason Frett Recruiter, SAIC Maele Hargett Recruiter, Professionals For NonProfits Renee McNally President, HR Solutions Applying relatively new tactics such as Skype and LinkedIn for employee searches, today’s hiring pros use social media and search Google […]