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Business Development
Retain, Grow & Attract
June 2017
Retain. Grow. Attract. This is both mantra and mission of the Harford County Office of Economic Development (OED) team. As a result of site visits, working with prospects and promoting awareness of available economic development resources, the County has added over 1,730 new jobs, more than $309 million in capital investments, and gained over 3.5 […]

Resource Ready
April 2017
The opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses both large and small to thrive in Harford County has never been greater. In addition to the county’s ideal location and logistics, its strong education and training offerings, proximity and access to Aberdeen Proving Ground, and a premiere R&D military installation, Harford County also has assembled an impressive array […]

A Prime Opportunity
February 2017
Job seekers may soon be able to add new credentials to their resumes that will make them more marketable in a shorter amount of time. Certification programs for jobs in the construction, logistics, manufacturing, information technology and primary health care industries are critical in creating a pipeline of “middle skilled” workers for area businesses. A […]

Bel Air – An Emerging Renaissance
December 2016
The Town of Bel Air is preparing to create a “new urbanism” combining arts, culture and nightlife with existing business and government, in response to a comprehensive market study that identified growth opportunities for the town. The study, initiated by the Bel Air Downtown Alliance, was the first step in an effort to create a […]

A Little Appreciation Goes a Long Way
October 2016
“Thank you!” “Great Job!” “Kudos!” The air was alive with gratitude and celebration during the ninth annual Business Appreciation Week, Sept. 19-23. More than 60 Harford County businesses received recognition and thanks from Harford County officials during personal visits and special events spearheaded by the Harford County Office of Economic Development (OED). “Business Appreciation Week […]

Using Technology To Help Citizens
October 2016
Harford County citizens have government services at their fingertips through a series of innovative online tools implemented since 2015 by the administration of County Executive Barry Glassman. Altogether these tools have dramatically increased citizen engagement and access to county resources while improving government transparency and efficiency. See below for a sampling and try them all […]

The Ground Floor Grows Up
October 2016
Consider this: The only direction to go from the ground floor is up. Speed and trajectory are the variables. So it is with a start-up venture. Every entrepreneur starts on the ground floor. With the right support, resources and hard work, that business may either catapult to success or inch its way to the top, […]