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Expert Opinion
A Message from Ebenezer Scrooge
December 2017
I bet you’re sick and tired of hearing my name bandied about each year at this time. Hey, I appreciate the publicity as much as the next guy. But sometimes I feel people miss the point of my story. This year, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and impart a few words […]

Tax Reform: Impact to the Business Owner
December 2017
Congress has released their proposals on tax reform, an area of the law that was last revised in 1986. This article will focus on key sections of the current proposal that could impact your business. Deduction/Special Rate for  Business Income Under both bills, some owners of pass-through entities would receive a preferential tax treatment on […]

How Can Diabetes Affect Vision?
December 2017
Diabetes can affect many different parts of your body, including your eyes. Understanding the effects of this common disease on vision can help diabetics avoid permanent damage. It’s important for diabetic patients to understand that their disease can have a dramatic impact on their vision. These diabetic eye diseases have the potential to cause permanent […]

Tax Considerations for Restaurant Owners
October 2017
Owning a restaurant comes with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Fortunately, there are some benefits in the tax code that apply to restaurants. Restaurant owners should be familiar with these benefits to minimize their tax burden. Here is a list of some items to consider: FICA Tip Tax Credit The FICA Tip Tax […]

Why Do My Allergies Flare In the Fall and Why Do They Irritate My Eyes?
October 2017
Many people assume that their allergies are going to be worst in the spring when new flowers are blooming, but fall can also be a trigger for allergies. The biggest reason for this is ragweed. Ragweed releases its pollen well into September and October, and the majority of the people who suffer from spring allergies […]

Ask The Expert – Dry Eye Syndrome
June 2017
Q: Do I have Dry Eye Syndrome? A: Before going any further, ask yourself the following: • Do my eyes burn, itch, sting or feel gritty? • Do my eyes water? • Is there mucus in the corners of my eye? • Does my vision blur after reading or computer work? • Does smoke, heat […]

Is Vision Correction Surgery Right for You?
April 2017
Q: Is Vision Correction Surgery Right for You? A: Today’s technology is amazing in its ability to correct eye conditions that once plagued millions of people. Patients suffering from myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, (irregular-shaped cornea) and presbyopia (blurred close-up vision) can now open their eyes to better vision with the newest techniques of LASIK, […]

Ask The Expert – Wellness Programs
February 2017
Q: Should vision screenings be included in workplace wellness efforts? A:  Workplace wellness programs are gaining in popularity. They are used as both incentives for employee retention and as cost-saving measures for employers. By keeping employees healthy and happy, the company has a lower absentee rate due to sickness or injury. When employees are healthy, […]

Your Eyes and Computer Usage
December 2016
Q: I use a computer all day, and my eyes feel very tired. How can I prevent eye fatigue? A:  Eye fatigue is a common complaint from computer users. Staring at a screen all day is not only tiring to the mind and body, but it also wreaks havoc on the eyes. It slows our blink […]

Investment Property Advisors
December 2016
Q:  What exactly is an investment property? A:  There is often confusion surrounding this term. Typically, an investment property is any property that generates regular income for its owner. It may be commercial, such as retail, office, industrial, or it may be residential – single or multifamily. There are other specialty categories as well, such […]

Every Man for Himself
April 2014
Or, perhaps a more accurate declaration should read: “It’s every individual and every family … for herself, himself, its self!” In the irony of the moment, we are reminded of President Ronald Reagan’s famous quip: “Hi, we’re from the government and we’re here to help.” Well the government is here, “helping” quite like never before, […]

Water, Water, Everywhere
February 2014
There is almost nothing we take for granted more in the United States than having clean, cheap, always available tap water. Turn the spigot and out it comes, as much as we want. Always. These systems are actually engineering marvels and the Baltimore City system, largely planned and designed by Abel Wolman in the early 1900s, is one of the best in the world. Wolman was a pioneer in sanitary engineering, taught for decades at Johns Hopkins University and was longtime head of the American Water Works Association. The system he envisioned has good, dependable, redundant supply, and good storage in multiple, large reservoirs that have largely protected watersheds. His concepts from 100 years ago remain valid today.

One Authority on Water?
December 2013
The Proposed Harford County Regional Water & Sewer Authority

Maryland’s Brand?
October 2013
Ask anyone around the country about their image of Maryland and chances are their response will be something about the Chesapeake Bay – crab cakes or otherwise. The Bay is our brand and there is wide consensus that protecting and improving the Bay’s water quality is essential to preserving the quality of life here in […]

Making Sausage
August 2013
“Those that respect the law and love sausage should watch neither being made” is Mark Twain’s often paraphrased quote. The same can be said for environmental regulations. Since January of this year a very diverse group named the “Accounting for Growth Work Group” has been meeting to make recommendations to the Maryland Department of the […]

The ‘Rain Tax’ Explained
June 2013
Anyone following the news recently has read ongoing discussion and debate over the Stormwater Remediation Fee, also known as the “Rain Tax.” This fee was mandated by state law in 2012 through HB 987, formally titled “Stormwater Management – Watershed Protection and Restoration Program.” Quite short by legislative standards, the bill essentially did two things: […]

Environmental Legislation’s Impact on Business
April 2013
“Save the Bay” has been a mantra in Maryland for decades. Many initiatives have been tried over that time to improve the quality of the Chesapeake Bay’s environment. Some have been successful and some less so, but the trajectory has been in the right direction. These efforts continue and some of the most far-reaching proposals […]