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Harford Has It: Buy In
Buying Within the County Fuels Economic Growth

December 2017

The Harford County Chamber of Commerce prides itself on being the premier business advocate in the county, helping its members connect and thrive to create a vibrant economy across all sectors. Recently, the Harford County Chamber of Commerce and the Harford County Office of Economic Development launched a “shop local” initiative called “Harford Has It: Buy In.” The initiative is based on findings from an Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore study commissioned by the Harford County Office of Economic Development. The study looked at five key spending habits: professional services, gas fill-ups, major appliance purchases, restaurant visits and special occasion gift purchases. Spending shifts in these five key areas have the potential to create nearly 3,500 new jobs, $105 million in wages, and $23.5 million in local and state tax revenue that can be reinvested in the Harford County community. While the study focuses on five key areas of spending habits, it can easily be expanded to include HVAC services, clothing purchases, auto repairs and more. The more the community buys into spending locally, the greater the effect of the initiative. “Harford Has It: Buy In” encourages Harford County residents and businesses to focus their spending within the county.

By definition, commerce is buying and selling activity, so the “Harford Has It: Buy In” initiative perfectly aligns with the mission of the Harford County Chamber. “Harford Has It: Buy In” promotes the sustainability of a robust business community and local economy, and it embodies the products and services offered by the Chamber’s diverse membership. If you need ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ may be), Harford County has it, so buy it in Harford County. The Harford County Chamber of Commerce continually strives to provide value and benefit to its members. For the Chamber, being a beneficial and valuable organization includes the ability to identify opportunities for business growth and prosperity. The “Harford Has It: Buy In” initiative produces long-term benefits while improving the county’s quality of life factors.

Awareness for the “Harford Has It: Buy In” initiative is a countywide effort. It has the support of numerous municipalities, business associations, and community groups. An online toolkit for participants is available at The toolkit includes the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore study, an infographic highlighting the economic benefits, a calendar of events, the Harford Has It: Buy In logo, and customizable promotional materials for businesses and consumers. The initiative also consists of a social media campaign complete with the #HarfordHasIt hashtag.

As a membership organization, the Harford County Chamber is always looking to grow its population. An investment in the Chamber unlocks the door to numerous business resources, in addition to direct connections with other business owners and community leaders. The Chamber acts as “the voice of business,” keeping a watchful eye on local, state and federal business-related legislation. With its tagline, “Our business is your success,” the Harford County Chamber makes a commitment of innovation, excellence and responsiveness to its members. To learn more about the Harford County Chamber of Commerce, please contact the Chamber team at 410-838-2020 or visit I95 Sponsored Content