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Does Your IT Need a Security Boost?
Consistency is Key

October 2017

Toby Musser, CEO, MNS Group

So, you have a company or perhaps an employee or employees that are taking care of your IT, and you think your bases are covered, right? With all the media attention surrounding the recent Equifax breach and several other notable attacks on networks, maybe you are not so sure. The average businessperson isn’t equipped to raise questions to be certain the network they use is secure. Where do you begin?

Most IT providers were hired to keep things working: the printer printing, connecting to the internet, assisting with password resets and providing guidance with technology initiatives among other tasks. But, we know that hackers often hang out on networks to collect information undetected for an average of 191 days (Ponemon Institute’s 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study). That dwell time data is on managed networks with firewalls, antivirus and anti spyware, anti spam, software patching, driver updates, and backups – the works! How do you know, or for that matter how does your IT provider know, whether there are security threats lurking within your network?

An Apple a Day

To keep our bodies healthy, we do things every day to maintain them: we brush our teeth, nourish with good food, stay hydrated, exercise – you know the drill. We visit experts (health care professionals) periodically for maintenance or when we see signs of a possible problem so that they will assist us to keep strong and vibrant.

What is your IT provider doing to check the overall health of your network every day? While some maintenance is common with most IT groups like spam blockers, virus scans, software patching and backups – most helpdesk services do not provide high-level analysis of security on a continuous basis. This is for a variety of reasons: the tools are expensive, it takes specialized skills and talent, and it requires advanced training. Continual reinvestment in security staff is required to sense and defend against today’s security threats.

Just like with your body’s health, a daily monitoring of your network’s security is vital to ensure overall health – in other words an apple a day keeps the doctor away – and consistency is key. In IT, healthy business would mean uptime, minimized reputation damage and minimized financial loss when an incident occurs. To be able to identify a vulnerability and limit the damage before it runs away with your company’s (or your personal) data is imperative.

Vitamin Boost

Sense|Resist|Act is a daily monitoring service that MNS Group provides offering 24/7 coverage to augment your IT provider’s current services with regular recommendations to improve your business security. What if we discover things outside of your team’s skill set? With a simple click of the button your staff or service can engage our seasoned security professionals to assist in remediation processes and advise you on both defense and offense best practices. The detailed daily summaries generated from Sense|Resist|Act equip management to engage with IT staff, to ask questions and strategize to improve security. We make it easier to understand and improve your company’s security posture from inside and outside the firewall.

Sense|Resist|Act augments the team you already trust. They are able to continue to provide the services you are accustomed to with the added provision of purpose built security – like adding a vitamin to your health regiment. Do you know what is on your network? I95 Content Marketing

Toby Musser is a serial entrepreneur and is CEO and owner of MNS Group, a technology outsourcing and consulting company based in Bel Air and a trusted leader in company IT management, offering managed services to support small businesses and their humans. Musser lends his time volunteering with various civic and faith based organizations believing truly that to whom much has been given, much is expected.