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Rethink the Script
5 Keys to Developing a Killer Sales Script and Increase Sales

October 2017

Umar Hameed, CEO of No Limits Selling

The fastest way to grow your revenue is to land more appointments with highly qualified prospects that have the need, urgency, and budget to buy your product or service.

A killer sales script is an essential element of any successful appointment setting strategy.

Once you get that sales script done right, it will allow your business to be scalable so that you can hire more salespeople. The script will get new salespeople up and profitable very quickly. If they run into problems, you can coach them on how to use the script more effectively.

These are the five key elements to writing a good sales script.

1. Grab Their Attention – Pattern Interrupt

You need to grab the attention of your prospect in the first few seconds or the call will result in a hang-up. Using a pattern interrupt is a powerful way to do just that. People are busy and they see sales calls as a nuisance. As soon as they hear, “Hi. My name is Jane, I’m from XYZ,” they feel a compelling urge to hang up and get back to their work.

A pattern interrupt is a question or a statement that’s going to stop them dead in their tracks. Pattern interrupts are designed so that prospects want to hear what you have to say.

On one of my calling campaigns, I used a recording of a crying baby. After two seconds of hearing a baby cry, I would say, “Do your salespeople start to cry when you ask them to make cold calls?” This always resulted in the prospect laughing and commiserating about their sales team. This gives you an opportunity to start a conversation that follows your sales script.

2. Calling Scripts Suck!

Salespeople hate calling scripts because they are scared they are going to sound scripted. The prospect will think, “This dude is not even talking to me; he is reading a script.”

To make your script sound natural, use a digital recorder and read your sales script to a colleague who is pretending to be a prospect. Together listen to the recording and make the necessary changes to the script to make it flow better. Rinse and repeat until you have a highly effective script.

3. Are You Listening?

Experts in communications tell us most people are too busy in their own thoughts to truly listen to others. You know what it feels like when someone is not paying attention to you. Would you want to do business with someone like that?

As a salesperson, we need to be better listeners. Here is a powerful technique that will make you a world-class listener. When the other person is talking, repeat what they are saying inside your head. This way you hear them say it. You have to understand it and repeat it. This strategy gets you to pay real attention to what’s being said. Finally, as you say it inside your head you get to hear it one more time.

To test this out turn on the news on the radio or TV. Listen to what’s being said and repeat it inside your head. In a few minutes, you will be able to do this activity effortlessly.

This technique makes listening part of your sales script. Your prospects can feel that connection when you are listening to them. Listening builds trust making is safer for them to do business with you.

4. A Living Breathing Document

Treat your sales script as a living, breathing document. What this means is you are going to write it. Then make it better before you put it into action. Once you start using it, you will make adjustments to make it even better. This is an ongoing activity to ensure you have a script that is always improving.

Use the scientific method to continually improve the script. Break your script into sections (opening, stage one, stage two, the closing). Always ask questions like, “Is our opening working well?” Or, “Why is John struggling with the third section of our script?” This on-going probing ensures you have a script that closes more deals.

5. Hide Behind A Mask

Have you ever noticed that when people wear a mask at a masquerade ball or Halloween party it gives them permission to be bolder? It’s the same person, but they can take braver actions.

In Carol Burnett’s biography, she mentioned that Harvey Korman could not dance to save his life, but if the character in a script was a dancer, he danced beautifully.

If you feel self-conscious about making cold calls, imagine you are wearing the mask of someone you know who is bolder. This mind-hack will improve your performance immediately because the mask gives you the power to do so.

A well-written and delivered sales script is the best way to get more appointments, close more deals and to increase the revenue for your organization. I95 Content Marketing

Umar Hameed is the CEO of No Limits Selling, a firm that helps companies grow their revenue by building stronger sales teams. Umar uses Applied Neuroscience and NLP to help salespeople and sales teams break through their limitations so they become more awesome!