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Michele Wolbert Tapped as Vice President of Administration of The Kelly Group

October 2017

Michele M. Wolbert, RP, is Vice President of Administration of The Kelly Group, a Bel Air-based firm providing comprehensive financial services. In 2017, The Kelly Group is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

When my uncle and I created The Kelly Group as a financial services firm back in 1997, our vision was to create a client-centric, community-oriented organization with a culture of stewardship. We understood we were aiming high, and needed to build a deep and committed team if we were to accomplish our ambitious goals. Our first hire was going to be key. We made that hire – Michele Wolbert – in 1999. Now in our 20th year, with 18 dedicated professionals, a wonderful client base and an established reputation in our community, we can look back and appreciate that much of this success is due to Michele. So, it is with tremendous pride and gratitude that I congratulate Michele on her recent promotion to Vice President of Administration of The Kelly Group. In this role, she will exercise oversight of our Operations, Service and Planning Departments, serve as a member of our executive committee, and play a key role in our succession planning. But truth be told, her promotion is less a change in her role than a recognition of the essential contributions she has been making all along.

As our longest-tenured employee, Michele has been overseeing all facets of business management. Tellingly, she has recognized from the day she joined The Kelly Group that strong and trusting relationships with our clients are our most important assets. She has dedicated herself and this firm to always putting the client first. Her energetic style, thorough attention to detail, and caring nature with clients and team members, have contributed mightily to the success we have enjoyed and the promising future ahead of us.

Consistent with the community oriented culture at The Kelly Group – indeed, she has been instrumental in inculcating that culture here to the point where she IS our culture – Michele has worked tirelessly with a variety of local non-profit organizations, including several devoted to helping the youth of Harford County. A 2012 graduate of the Harford Leadership Academy, Michele is heavily involved with the boards of the Boys and Girls Club of Harford County, and the Albert P. Close Foundation, which serves troubled youth. Michele is a prior member of the Advisory Board of the Academy of Finance and was a volunteer for SARC (the Sexual Assault /Spouse Abuse Resource Center).

In the early days of the life of a financial services firm, success is often defined by number of clients and the amount of assets under management. Those two metrics will remain important to us, of course. But going forward, even more critical to our future success is what sets us apart: the quality of our client service, the efficiency of our operations and the reliability of our planning support. These areas lead to the most important measuring stick of all: the success of our clients’ outcomes. Michele’s abilities in coordinating and overseeing these critical aspects of our firm are evident every business day.

My desire is to set the strategic vision for The Kelly Group, and to depend on Michele to make certain that on a day-to-day basis, we continue to operate consistently with that vision. Her mark on our firm is already indelible. With her deep-seated understanding of our past and profound instinct for the direction in which we are headed, her ongoing contributions to The Kelly Group will only become even more invaluable. I offer Michele my heartfelt congratulations for this well-earned promotion. I95 Sponsored Content


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