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3 Don’t Miss Motivational TED Talks 

August 2017

Chris McDonell, President of McDonell Consulting Group,

Need some motivation? Look no further than this group of TED Talks, from experts in a variety of fields. Each piece takes only moments to watch, but provides takeaways you’ll think about long after the talk ends. Remember, these videos can be watched any time you need a little extra motivation to get things done, tackle a problem or reach your goals.

1. Got a wicked problem? First, tell me how you make toast by Tom Wujec

Toast? How does it relate to sales or motivation?

This TED talk revolves around breaking down large tasks or goals into less complex pieces. While the ability to break tasks down into smaller steps is something most of us do intuitively, it does not always translate well to the workplace.

Wujec discusses how his test case – asking a group to draw pictures of the process of making toast – revealed some key ways we can break tasks down into their most basic elements and then reconstruct them in ways that make sense.

How many steps are needed to provide enough detail and allow you to complete a task or reach a sales goal? How many steps become overwhelming and are just “too much” and force you to give up before you even begin? The toast project provides some clear insight into goal setting and more important, goal achieving.
Grab some Post-Its (you’ll need them), a pen and your latest goal and watch this interesting take on breaking complex tasks into reasonable deliverables.

2. 5 ways to lead in an era of constant change by Jim Hemerling

How you ever noticed that when we make a change for the better in our personal lives, like training for a marathon or living a healthier lifestyle, we are often extremely energetic and excited? We want to tell the whole world about our journey and stay as motivated as possible. But when we experience organizational change at the workplace, we often are fearful, stubborn and exhausted. Why is it easier to personally change than organizationally change?

The answer always comes down to leadership and how change is approached. Change is always occurring. It is a manager’s job as the leader to make sure your team can adapt to change without feeling exhausted or under too much stress and constraint.

Being an effective leader and manager entails much more than providing support around the technical side of the work you are aiming to accomplish. As Jim Hemerling states in this Ted Talk, to be a strong and inspiring leader, one must put their people first. Make your team feel comfortable in an inclusive environment where they aren’t afraid to share their opinions and ideas. Make your team feel important. Inspire them and enable them with the capabilities they need to succeed.

Let Hemerling’s straightforward speech inspire you to develop effective change management skills to lead your team in this constantly changing world.

3. Try something new for 30 days by Matt Cutts

This may feel like one of those super fluffy motivational videos that leave the viewers with no tactical plan of action; however, in order to make this video relevant, sales professional must apply this advice with their everyday sales tactics.

All sales teams have ups and downs. Sometimes we see success early in the sales period and have happy sales managers. However, teams always hit a point where making quotas isn’t so easy. Sales professionals typically just continue to utilize the same approach that seemed effective for the “easy weeks,” reaching the same types of prospects, using the same approach and process.

This is where trying something different for 30 days can be a game-changer. Learn and implement daily social selling strategies and increase your daily outreach to prospects – there are probably lots of options if you think about it. Just try it for 30 days and see what happens. From a manager’s perspective, this way of free thinking can be a huge motivator for your team.

Each of these compelling talks provides an interesting take on solving a problem, reaching a goal or finding the success you crave; watch when you have a few moments to spare or need some fresh motivation to get moving. I95 Content Marketing

Chris McDonell, President of McDonell Consulting Group, a licensed Sandler Training center based in Baltimore, has over 25 years of experience in sales and executive leadership. He has formed successful partnerships with both small and large companies in a wide variety of industries.