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Ask the Expert – Seidenberg Protzko Eye Associates

August 2017

Q: Can Cataracts Affect My Performance at Work?

A:  If your vision is affected by cataracts, there is a possibility that you may experience issues with your work performance.  The lens in your eye is much like that of a camera. It focuses light for your eye to process as vision. When cataracts arise, it’s because the natural protein in your lens is clustering together, causing your vision to become cloudy.

So how can that affect job performance? As cataracts progress you may encounter issues with limited vision.  You may have difficulty seeing presentations, viewing your computer screen or operating heavy machinery.  As cataracts progress, they can affect more aspects of your day-to-day life if left unchecked.

Luckily, cataracts are reversible. According to Prevent Blindness America (PBA), cataract repair surgery is the most commonly performed surgery throughout the United States, with nearly 3 million patients electing to have the procedure done each year. Most patients who have cataract surgery report great vision after their recovery is over, so you can get back to being a model employee in no time.

If you think you have cataracts that are affecting your performance at work, you owe it to yourself to be evaluated by an eye care professional.
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Seidenberg Protzko Eye Associates specializes in general ophthalmology, which includes cataract, refractive, and pediatric surgery, as well as therapeutic optometry. Seidenberg Protzko Eye Associates has offices in Bel Air, Havre de Grace, Elkton and Chestertown, MD. Seidenberg Protzko Eye Associates regularly provides lectures, screenings and onsite education and is involved in many community activities.

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