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Ask The Expert – Dry Eye Syndrome

June 2017

Seidenberg Protzko Eye Associates

Q: Do I have Dry Eye Syndrome?

A: Before going any further, ask yourself the following:
• Do my eyes burn, itch, sting or feel gritty?
• Do my eyes water?
• Is there mucus in the corners of my eye?
• Does my vision blur after reading or computer work?
• Does smoke, heat or wind irritate my eyes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you have experienced dry eye syndrome, one of the most common complaints we hear from our patients. It is the decrease of tears that cause dryness.

Tear production naturally decreases with age. More women than men are affected, especially those who have experienced menopause. Eyelid hygiene is also a factor. Certain medical conditions such as arthritis and other inflammatory conditions can be associated with dry eye syndrome. Many medications used to treat high blood pressure, allergies, pain relief and depression can cause dry eye syndrome. Be sure to tell your eye care provider your medical conditions and all the medications you are taking.

There are many treatment options available for treating dry eye syndrome. Your doctor will be able to recommend one most suitable for you.

If you think you have dry eye or have experienced the symptoms, have a qualified eye care professional evaluate you. You owe it to your eyes. I95

Seidenberg Protzko Assoc.

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