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Marketing Optimization: What’s Trending in 2017

February 2017

Ayisha Thompson is the Marketing Director of Naden/Lean, LLC, a professional services firm of certified public accounts and business consultants serving the Maryland area for over 50 years. She directs the firm’s marketing and communication efforts including media relations, branding, advertising, social media and website development. She also manages sponsorships, events, charitable contributions and more.

Embrace Customer Focused Strategies

The main focus this year for marketers is personalization. Take the approach of adding value over volume in your marketing content and creating customer centric marketing strategies that connect with customers. This begins with investing time to listen to and understand your customer in order to build an authentic connection beyond the transactional relationship.

Build Engagement, Brand Loyalty and Advocacy with Current Clients

Showcase your clients’ growth and success. Nurture existing client relationships by providing opportunities for clients to promote their expertise and be recognized as leaders and innovators among their peers. Testimonials, case studies and spotlight features are great methods of showcasing your clients’ achievements.

Focus on Data-Driven Marketing

Use data from analytic reports to become more familiar with your target audience. This data can be segmented into groups to address audiences on an individualized basis. As consumers, our inboxes are frequently overloaded with more information than we have time to process. Customers are now on a mission to find support which provides niche expertise that meets their needs in the most customized and efficient way.

Interact Online with Innovative Content

Use exciting and fresh content for real-time engagement. Take advantage of social media platforms which offer live streaming. Be authentic in your marketing strategy; instead of using stock images, showcase your team. Personalizing content by incorporating images and videos of your staff in action improves online content performance by increasing likes, shares, and click through rates. With social media, CRMs, and access to analytics, the options for your marketing success are limitless. I95

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