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Investment Property Advisors

December 2016

Gary Olschansky, is an investment sales advisor at Trout Daniel & Associates in Timonium. He specializes in retail, office and mixed-use property and often works with family and multi-generational owners and investors. Trout Daniel & Associates LLC 443.921.9348 (direct) 443.465.6594 (cell)

Q:  What exactly is an investment property?

A:  There is often confusion surrounding this term. Typically, an investment property is any property that generates regular income for its owner. It may be commercial, such as retail, office, industrial, or it may be residential – single or multifamily. There are other specialty categories as well, such as hospitality, assisted living and self-storage. Land can also be considered an investment property if, for example, it is leased to an agricultural or mining company.

Q:  How does an advisor help?

A:  Trusted investment property advisors help buyers identify opportunities to acquire investment properties. They also help sellers properly position and market their properties to the broader investment community. Sometimes this means helping the owner or Trustee of a property determine its current market value. It may involve taking a creative look at a property to determine if there are ways to increase its cash flow.

Discretion is of utmost importance. Advisors are often privy to confidential information which, if released, could potentially adversely affect a property owner. Advisors are careful about disclosing information. They make every effort to vet their connections for honesty, integrity and ability to perform.

Investment property advisors are valuable team members and confidants to owners and investors. It is important to do what’s best for the client rather than what results in the largest fee. Trusted advisors often receive referrals from attorneys, accountants and trustees because of their reputation for professionalism. I95