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Finding the Truth
Absolute Investigative, Fingerprinting & Security Services

December 2016

Reg and Barbara Pryzbylski, Absolute Investigative, Fingerprinting and Security Services

After more than two decades working for the Baltimore County Police Department, Reg Przybylski retired. Over the course of his career he had worked his way up through the ranks to detective lieutenant, and upon his retirement was ready to utilize his years of experience and knowledge in the private sector.

In 1988, he stepped into a new position – president of Absolute Investigative, Fingerprinting & Security Services (AIS). AIS has three divisions serving clients throughout Maryland – Investigative, Fingerprinting and Security.

The Investigative division handles all types of investigations including matrimonial infidelities, child custody, insurance investigations, workmen’s compensation, vehicular accidents and fraud. AIS also provides investigators to assist defense attorneys in criminal investigations. “We work with the Baltimore County Office of Public Defender providing the investigation needed for their client’s defense,” says Reg.

Przybylski tells the story of a workmen’s comp claim in which a worker had taken a fall at his workplace. The worker claimed, among other things, that he was not able to ride his motorcycle due to limited use of his arms and shoulders. An AIS investigator waited for the man at a preliminary meeting about his claim in downtown Baltimore. After the meeting, the investigator followed the claimant to a garage a few blocks away and observed him getting on his motorcycle. The investigator made a video recording of the claimant driving away. Another individual complained that due to a neck and shoulder problem, he was unable to perform any manual labor. However, an AIS investigator filmed the man carrying several large pieces of lumber for a deck he was building.

Absolute Investigative, Fingerprinting & Security Services Towson

Bel Air


• Investigation
• Fingerprinting (Ink and Livescan)
• Security

Professional Service:


Board of Directors: Harford County Sheriff’s Foundation

Past president/member: MD Investigators & Security Assoc.

Member: Baltimore County FOP, Bel Air Rotary, Harford and Baltimore Chambers, Bel Air Downtown Alliance, National Association of Investigative Specialists

Philanthropy: The Arc, Anna’s House, Harford Library, Maryland Center for The Arts, Catholic Charities, SARC, Worcester Gold Contributors


Board of Directors: Rockfield Manor, CPWN, Maryland Center for The Arts

Philanthropy: Chair, 20th Anniversary/CPWN and Anna’s House Breakfast

Member: Harford, Berlin, Ocean City Chambers of Commerce, Women’s Giving Circle

Another interesting story involved a company dealing with multiple workmen’s compensation claims. Due to the nature of the work involved, the owners of the company could not rationalize why the injuries were occurring. This was further complicated by an uptick in missing product. An undercover investigator was deployed to the plant and through the investigation it was discovered that during lunch and dinner breaks the employees were partaking of illegal substances. They were trading the missing product to pay the drug dealer for their supply.

The Przybylskis have been called in to locate missing family and friends. When the missing person is located, AIS obtains his or her permission to make that information available to the person seeking the information. “We have to ascertain that the person that hired AIS is legitimate and is not stalking this individual,” says Barbara.

Reg has been called upon by a company whose owner couldn’t figure out why his business partner had private information about him. After hours, AIS sent in investigators with both audio and video detection equipment. They found that there was a listening device hidden under the owner’s chair that transmitted the information – in real time – to the unscrupulous co-worker.

AIS also receives phone calls from women who have met someone online, and in the interest of safety want a professional to check them out prior to a potential meeting.

The fingerprinting division processes thousands of fingerprints annually for day care centers, hospitals, those providing eldercare and others. AIS is a private provider for the state of Maryland and is one of the few companies that provides ink fingerprinting when requested. Other background checks include criminal, civil, credit reports, driving records, workmen’s compensation injury reports, educational background, social security number verification and more. AIS also provides mobile fingerprinting.

The Security Division of AIS provides uniformed, armed and unarmed security guards and marked patrol vehicles for businesses throughout Maryland. Other security services include executive protection including business executives, movie stars, sports figures and other prominent persons.

Reg says staying abreast of the most current technologies is important. “We are dedicated to providing the best services for investigative, fingerprinting and security fields, which is a necessity in our world.”

When looking to the future, the Przybylskis are seeing plenty of opportunities – they plan to expand with additional offices in Maryland. “Our future is looking very good,” says Barbara. “with a continuing influx of clients and an excellent staff, AIS has the perfect combination for additional growth.”

AIS is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I95