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Your Eyes and Computer Usage

December 2016

Eye Care for Your Generation

Q: I use a computer all day, and my eyes feel very tired. How can I prevent eye fatigue?

A:  Eye fatigue is a common complaint from computer users. Staring at a screen all day is not only tiring to the mind and body, but it also wreaks havoc on the eyes. It slows our blink rate, which can cause dry, itchy, irritated eyes by the end of the day. Here are a few tips for relieving eye fatigue:

    Annual eye exam.

        Be sure your eye doctor knows the type of work you do and makes recommendations based on your personal situation.

    Lighting. Good vision hygiene includes a properly lighted work area. You shouldn’t struggle or squint to read anything.

    Screen protector. Eliminate harsh glare from the computer screen with a screen protector. Position your monitor away from windows to avoid sun glare.

    Upgrade your monitor. High definition monitors produce such crisp and clear images that you’ll be sorry you didn’t get one sooner.

    Computer settings. Adjust the brightness settings, text size, contrast and color temperatures on your monitor so that you can see what‘s on the monitor without straining.

    Blink. Because our blink rate naturally decreases when looking at a monitor, you have to “think to blink” to keep your eyes well lubricated.

    Breaks. Stand up, stretch and move around every 20-30 minutes. Focus on other things – both in the distance and close-up.

    Computer eye wear. Computer viewing distance is somewhere between distance vision for driving and close-up vision for reading. Computer lenses give you a wide range of vision where you need it most – in the middle. Your eye doctor can prescribe them. I95