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Using Technology To Help Citizens
6 Ways Harford County Government is Innovating

October 2016

Harford County citizens have government services at their fingertips through a series of innovative online tools implemented since 2015 by the administration of County Executive Barry Glassman. Altogether these tools have dramatically increased citizen engagement and access to county resources while improving government transparency and efficiency. See below for a sampling and try them all at the Glassman administration’s newly redesigned website:


App_YouClickWeFixYou CLICK We FIX is an easy way to keep Harford County looking its best by reporting potholes, overgrown vegetation and other quality of life issues from a computer or smartphone app. An online county map displays the location and details of each report and also shows when issues have been addressed, fostering government accountability. To date, You CLICK We FIX has been used successfully nearly 2,000 times by citizens countywide.


App_DevActivityTrackerTrack-it: Using an interactive county map, Track-it informs citizens about new development proposals in their area that are subject to required public meetings. Track-it shows each project location and provides meeting information, project details and links to project plans submitted to the county. Track-it won a 2016 Achievement award from the National Association of Counties and has attracted over 16,000 users since its inception in March of 2015.


App_SnowPlowTrackerThe Harford County Snowplow Tracker Working till the plows come home! During major snowstorms, citizens can track the location of county snowplows, which are GPS-equipped and represented on an online map updated every 15 minutes. Color-coding on the map allows citizens to see when roads are planned, in-progress and completed. Prior to implementation of the tracker, county residents had no practical way of knowing when (or whether) a snowplow was on the way. The tracker is one of the county’s most popular apps, receiving nearly 200,000 hits since January 2015.

RouteShoutAppIconRouteSHOUT makes public transportation more convenient by tracking Harford County Transit LINK buses in real time. Using enabled GPS, RouteSHOUT also shows users the nearest county bus stop on established routes. The app can be viewed on the county website or downloaded for free at Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Thanks to Harford County’s RouteSHOUT, you’ll never miss your bus again!


App_MapsAppsMaps & Apps offer a wealth of online tools and databases developed in-house by Harford County’s Department of Planning & Zoning using GIS technology. The interactive maps show county zoning and land use designations, election boundaries and more. Map-it! provides open access to searchable GIS databases. Explore-it! displays online “story maps” of the county’s conservation and agricultural land preservation programs.


App_ePermitCenterePERMIT CENTER – Doing business with Harford County for permits, inspections and licenses has never been easier with the new ePERMIT CENTER. This new online service allows users to track the progress of permits from issuance to completion without having to call or come to the county’s administration building in Bel Air. With the ePERMIT CENTER, citizens are no longer confined to regular business hours to receive updates on their applications. Since its inception in March 2016, the ePERMIT CENTER has welcomed more than 8,600 online visitors. I95

Keep up with these and other innovations from the Glassman administration at and on social media: Harford County Government is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and on Twitter@harfordcountyMD.