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A New Spin on IT
CTI Innovates in Step with Emerging Technologies

October 2016
Dave Wade

Dave Wade

CTI is an IT solutions and consulting firm based in Hunt Valley, MD. Founded in 1985 by CEO Kip Einbrod, CTI empowers customer success through the application of innovative technologies. With specialization in data center design, integration, and information security solutions, CTI is a trusted IT partner for hundreds of businesses in the Baltimore area.

As business processes continue to rely more heavily on IT, securing technology resources and sensitive data has become more important than ever before. Adding to that challenge, an increasing number of companies are moving their infrastructure to the cloud.

Kip Einbroad

Kip Einbroad

On-premises data storage and processing has been the de facto standard for decades. Now, with the increased availability and reduced cost of cloud migration, the adoption rate has skyrocketed.

“Everyone is in a race to get to the cloud these days,” says Einbrod. “The cloud has its place, but making sure you get there correctly is critical. And that’s something we take great pride in.”

To ensure a seamless transition between on-premises and cloud-hosted infrastructure, CTI has created a focused cloud-readiness program. Beginning with an assessment to identify potential challenges and disruptions, CTI effectively bridges the gap between the customer site and the cloud, relying on industry-leading technologies and a team of seasoned integration engineers.

235 Schilling Circle, Suite 100
Hunt Valley, MD 21031


• Security, Network and Risk Assessments

• Data Center Design and Integration

• Intrusion Prevention

• Storage Optimization

• Cloud Solutions

• Backup and Recovery Services

• Email Migration, Encryption

• IT Infrastructure Design

• Ongoing Support

• Technical Recruiting and Staffing

“When it’s time to upgrade, customers reach out to CTI. We’re responsible for implementing new technologies in a timely and efficient manner, often on their behalf,” says Dave Wade, CTI’s COO. He speaks from direct experience, having started at CTI in 1991 as a field engineer.

With over a decade of experience aiding organizations in heavily-regulated industries, CTI cut its teeth on guiding customers through daunting shifts in technology like cloud migration. Another of its current concerns? The overwhelming popularity of ransomware.

Ransomware is used by attackers to maliciously encrypt an organization’s data. The attacker then demands a ransom in exchange for a decryption key.

“The best strategy for ransomware is prevention and detection,” advises Einbrod. “But you need data backups and they need to be tested, especially in a regulated environment.”

He further notes that companies today face threats that are “wide and almost limitless”, and that data ranging from HIPAA-protected health information (PHI) to credit card information to financial records are all at risk. CTI boasts a diverse portfolio of security-focused services to assist in combating cyber threats. Currently, its most popular offering is Security Awareness Training, a class lead at the customer location by one of CTI’s security experts.

These assessments demonstrate the innovation that CTI considers the foundation of its success. But, as Einbrod often espouses in company meetings, CTI wouldn’t be where it is without its employees. For this reason, they invest heavily in training, not just for employees but also customers. Product seminars, “lunch and learn” events, and vendor workshops are regular occurrences at the company’s headquarters. And if the logo looks familiar, you’ve probably spotted it at one of several community events CTI supports.

As new technologies and security threats emerge, CTI is committed to remaining an industry leader through dedicated service and support of its customers. I95