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Keeping Clients Safe and Secure
Dunbar Security Solutions

April 2016



Dunbar Security Solutions examines data and analytics from information on clients’ IP cameras, computers, cell phones and servers, and other data points.

Security used to mean guarding physical items or locations – a deadbolt for your door, an armored truck to move money from the supermarket to the bank.

But now threats come from cyberspace, and criminals steal not just money but valuable information, while terrorists seek to disrupt infrastructure and activists hack into corporate files.

“You now have to care about security in a different way,” says Darren McCue, president of Dunbar Security Solutions. “Cybercrime has become a massive business for criminals and who better than a company like ours to get into cybersecurity?”

The Hunt Valley company is a subsidiary of Dunbar, whose red-and-black armored trucks are a familiar sight. Dunbar dates back to 1923, and today it has 85 branch facilities, 1,500 vehicles and 5,400 employees nationwide. Dunbar already had a protective services division, cash management and an alarm business, “but we were operating in silos,” McCue says. The company realized it was uniquely positioned to provide converged digital and security services, integrating technology, cyber defense, enterprise risk management, protective services and security systems and tailoring security for individual clients.

As McCue points out, while cash still needs to be guarded, today it’s much easier for a criminal to sit in a room and hack into credit card information than it is to try to break into a business or rob someone at gunpoint.

“You can’t wrap your head around how smart these cyber criminals are,” he says. In 60 percent of cases, attackers are able to compromise an organization within minutes. Up to 70 percent of attacks go undetected, and one in four organizations has experienced an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attack.

If a company has security vulnerabilities, “we can detect them faster,” he says, noting the company examines data and analytics from information on IP cameras, computers, cell phones and servers and any other data points. Health care companies and facilities are extremely vulnerable since they have so many data entry points, from nurses entering information into an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) at the bedside to diagnostic equipment to Medicare and billing. “These entry points are infiltrated frequently by criminals,” McCue says.

Criminals who steal information often sell it on the dark net – an Internet overlay network accessible only with specific tools. McCue notes it takes companies an average of 217 days before a data breach is detected. “We will detect it significantly quicker – and we can detect it before it happens and prevent it,” he says.

Although it provides digital security to clients of any size, Dunbar Security Solutions finds that most of its clients are mid-market companies with 500 to 5,000 employees, since larger firms tend to have their own cybersecurity divisions. Clients include everything from health care to retail – anyone who is accepting credit card transactions – to government institutions and higher education.

Dunbar1“We are industry agnostic,” McCue says. “If you think you’re not vulnerable, you are.”

The company’s physical security expertise helps it succeed in a world where digital and physical threats merge. For example, they might spot that an employee appears to be active on an office computer, but hasn’t badged into the facility, meaning someone has hacked into the system.

At Dunbar’s Security Operations Center (SOC), data and analytics flow across gigantic screens in a large, darkened room, and employees monitor equipment and software 24/7 to make sure there are no anomalies. “Benevolent hackers” are employed to test for vulnerabilities before the real criminals have a chance to find them. Dunbar Security Solutions offers firewall management, continuous threat management, managed security, security consulting and risk management, mobility and remote access security, and data protection and encryption to ensure that companies and institutions can operate safely and seamlessly.
The company is fortunate to find itself in a region that is at the heart of cybersecurity initiatives, with government entities like NSA and Fort Meade, which helps ensure a quality workforce. The company likes to develop recent graduates from college cybersecurity programs such as the University of Maryland and University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).

“We like to bring in young talent and train them,” McCue says. “It helps the community and it provides them with a good solid career path.”

What he looks for isn’t so much computer expertise as it is a person who is driven and detail-oriented. “They have to go the extra mile to check the last bit of fiber to make sure it’s secure,” he says. “We always want to have the ability to see around corners because the threats change every day, and we have to, too.”

The Most Trusted Name In Security® has been the hallmark of Dunbar for nearly a century, and those traits serve the Dunbar Security Solutions equally well in the new world of cybersecurity, as every employee, not just the analysts, strive to protect clients.

“We’re all risk managers,” McCue says. I95