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Val Mills: Executive Coffee

February 2016

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There is a business adage that building relationships equals success. There is no substitute for a personalized approach, one where business owners collaborate with clients to deliver products and services to fit their individual needs. Val Mills, president of Executive Coffee, has embraced this approach for over 30 years and consults regularly with her clients to ensure their needs are being met.

Executive Coffee allows businesses to provide a welcoming break room atmosphere with cold and warm beverages, with Mills providing all the supplies, equipment and service. The business has grown significantly over the years, and now Executive Coffee has 800 businesses utilizing her products and services.

• Woman-owned business with dedicated team to help clients
• Customers can order online, with most purchasing on a weekly basis
• Machine technicians maintain and refurbish equipment with same-day emergency service available
• Executive Coffee strives to keep up to date with technology and markets itself on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter

Executive Coffee
1040 Hardees Drive, #B
Aberdeen, MD 21001

“I built the business by cold calling and making the deliveries myself,” says Mills. “I then began hiring people and buying more trucks and equipment.” Executive Coffee has grown to 11 employees, six trucks and an extensive list of products.

Businesses purchase coffee and break room supplies from Executive Coffee, which handles the rest. Executive Coffee loans commercial-grade Keurig, Bunn single cup and traditional coffee brewers, and performs the installation, plumbing of water lines and equipment calibration, all free of charge. Water filtration services are offered, and Executive Coffee performs all preventative maintenance and cleaning by in-house technicians. Inventory supply management services prevent clients from having to take the time out of their busy schedules.
“Our service aspect is really important,” Mills says. “We consult with businesses at their location to tailor to their needs. Drivers know where clients want the equipment and supplies stored. It’s all about the relationships we have with our clients.”

Of course, what’s most important is the ability to provide fine, delicious coffee products. Executive Coffee has its own line of 100 percent Arabica coffee – “We fine tuned and roasted it to our own specifications to create a ‘coffee house style’ coffee,” Mills says – as well as popular national brands such as Starbucks, Keurig, Eight O’clock, Folgers, Maxwell House and more. Tea, hot chocolate, juices, water coolers, ice machines, iced tea brewers, sodas, snacks, as well as handy supplies like creamers and cups, provide companies a wealth of options.

“We are about providing really good coffee, being competitively priced, maintaining equipment and having excellent face-to-face relationships with our customers, which is a business standard that will never go away.” I95