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CTR Introduces Horse Powered Learning Program

January 2016

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Chesapeake Therapeutic Riding (CTR), a Harford County-based nonprofit organization, is pleased to introduce the Horse Powered Learning program. This is the first equine-assisted educational program of its kind in the Mid-Atlantic region.

“We are very excited about Horse Powered Learning,” says CTR’s Executive Director and Founder, Cathy Schmidt. “It is a compelling new educational option for students and educators in our area.”

CTR is a Jarrettsville-based nonprofit that has been serving Harford County with equine-centered programing since 2005.

Their latest initiative, the Horse Powered Learning program, is a farm-based, experiential option for students in Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade, serving children enrolled in private and public schools as well as area homeschooling students. Groups of up to 25 learners travel to CTR’s Jarrettsville farm to participate in curriculum that enhances concepts being tackled in the classroom, like reading fluency, fractions, or biological sciences.

“One of the great things about this program is its adaptability to meet the needs of the students,” says Gayle Zorbach, CTR’s Horse Powered Learning Program Manager. “Prior to the session, collaboration with the teacher is essential to determine their target area(s). We then develop an individualized program to meet the specific goals and objectives of their students.”

Although CTR’s trained horses actively partner with children throughout the Horse Powered Learning program, there is no horseback riding involved. Instead, all activities are ground-based and closely monitored by CTR’s staff and trained volunteers to ensure students’ safety.