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There When You Need Them
Eco-Cool HVAC

December 2015

Eco CoolShow up on time and do what you say you’re going to do. It sounds logical and certainly easy enough to implement. That is exactly what you get when you call Eco-Cool HVAC.

Being a local business means someone from Eco-Cool is never far away from providing good service. The goal is to be there within two hours of receiving the call. Once at the location, the client need only tell Steve Kroedel and his crew what the issue is and they’ll work hard to diagnose the problem and find a solution to fix it.

“We have a rapid response rate,” Kroedel says of his Bel Air-based heating and cooling company. “When you call, you get reliable service.” And, if necessary, Eco-Cool works thru the evening to make sure all their customers are taken care of and fully satisfied.

ecoLOGOEco-Cool HVAC
150 Nichols Street
Bel Air, MD 21014
• Same-day service
• Maryland’s exclusive distributor of the HVAC Smart Chip
• Refrigeration
• Process and comfort cooling
• Heating
• Repairing, recycling and restoring older equipment
• Installations

Kroedel and his staff are the ones to call when it comes to heating or cooling for residential, commercial and industrial facilities, although, a majority of their work is in refrigeration with a focus on process cooling. “We are strictly a service business that specializes in the service, maintenance, repair and installation of new equipment,” says Kroedel.

Customized solutions are tailored to suit each customer’s specific needs. They can answer consumer questions such as, why does the customer want new equipment? Do they need it and, if so, how soon? What’s the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution? “Sometimes customers just want a second opinion because they’re being told that they need new equipment,” Kroedel explains. “And a lot of times, we’re finding that someone’s trying to sell them new equipment they don’t necessarily need.”

Eco-Cool cares enough to listen to clients, evaluate what they have, what they need to do, and the most proactive way to go about it, all while keeping prices competitive.

Over its six years in business, loyal customers have continued to return to and recommend Eco-Cool HVAC, making them a leading heating, air conditioning and refrigeration service contractor in Harford and Baltimore counties.

“We’re part of the team – an extension of our clients – and we all work together,” says Kroedel. “We’re a service contractor that helps people out. That’s what we do.” I95