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Changing the Meaning of Tradition
Jarrettsville Federal Savings and Loan

December 2015

Gary Barnoff

Across from the sunflower fields in Jarrettsville is a community bank that is steeped in tradition. Its clientele are known by name when they walk into the office, new faces are immediately identified and welcomed, and the bank may be one of the last remaining passbook savings banks – a fact that its president, Gary Barnoff, says he has no intention of changing.

Since joining Jarrettsville Federal in February, Barnoff has led the charge for other changes to maintain the community bank’s steady growth. In addition to being new himself, he is heading up a whole new management team. His loan manager, mortgage lender and compliance officer all started within three months prior to his arrival. None are new to the banking world – in fact, they are all seasoned professionals with a combined 100-plus years of experience.

no bird-jarrettsville_federal_savings_and_loan_03-05_align_left_Jarrettsville Federal
Savings and Loan
3706 Norrisville Road
Jarrettsville, MD
President: Gary Barnoff
Branch Manager: Nancy Dorn
Loan Manager: John Real

Products and Services:
• Free checking
• Checking with interest
• Passbook savings accounts
• Statement savings accounts
• Christmas Club savings accounts
• Certificates of Deposit
• Mortgage
• Refinancing
• Investment property
• Second mortgages
• Construction loan/permanent mortgage combination
Internet Banking
• Online banking
• Online Bill Pay


It is that experience that Barnoff has harnessed to guide the bank in retaining its existing customers and creating an environment that will attract new ones. He says the primary goal is to become a full-service bank. The team has worked to refine the bank’s policies and procedures, renew its lending business and add to its product mix. “We’ve primarily been known for our mortgage lending and savings programs,” Barnoff says. “That needs to change. We’re now working on adding new products and services. We began offering online banking and bill pay late last year, and we are on schedule to have debit cards by the end of this year.” He said mobile banking should be available by the end of the first quarter of 2016, and the bank is exploring options for credit cards.

Barnoff stresses the importance of maintaining the strong community presence that has differentiated Jarrettsville Federal since its inception in 1869. He notes that decisions are made locally, with an awareness of the community and its needs. “The Board of Directors is made up of local people. Decisions are not made at a headquarters in another state. They’re made right here in the branch by people who know the community,” Barnoff says.

Jarrettsville Federal supports a variety of community activities and its staff members serve on boards and committees throughout the region, including Boy Scouts of America, the Library Foundation, Rotary Club, the Chamber of Commerce, Harford Community College and Jarrettsville Volunteer Fire Department.

As an independent bank, Barnoff says Jarrettsville Federal prides itself on friendly, personalized customer service. The bank has 14 employees and Barnoff tries to involve them in decisions as much as possible. “If someone has a say in the matter, then they are more likely to be supportive of the effort,” Barnoff says. He believes he has successfully developed relationships with the team – from tellers to managers – so that they are comfortable sharing ideas and differing viewpoints. “I try to be a steadying influence for people, and work on an even keel,” he says.

Barnoff’s management skill stems from his varied industry experience. “To look at my resume, you’d think I can’t hold a job,” he jokes. In addition to surviving many banking industry mergers and acquisitions and achieving executive level status, Barnoff also owned an advertising specialty company and worked in the non-profit sector for several years. A natural at banking, he brings his solid expertise in bank operations, branch administration, sales management, customer service, regulatory compliance, lending, business development, facilities and information technology to Jarrettsville Federal.

As he approaches his one-year anniversary, Barnoff continues to be acutely aware of the bank’s unique position in the marketplace and the opportunity to move traditions forward. “Everything is on plan moving ahead,” he says. “We are going to continue to be here and continue to grow.” I95