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TeamLogic IT

October 2015
Brent Wagner (left) and Lester Davis

Brent Wagner (left) and Lester Davis

Every business needs an IT department these days, but it isn’t always feasible to have one.

You might be paying for more than you need with a full-time employee or having trouble attracting and retaining quality IT employees. Perhaps your existing IT department just needs some extra support during an expansion or an acquisition, or you’re concerned about data flow and security.

That’s where TeamLogic IT comes in.

TeamLogic IT offers companies of all sizes the IT support they need and also crafts solutions that improve efficiency, security and the bottom line.

“We bring to bear high-end, extensive resources,” says Brent Wagner, director of service for the local TeamLogic IT.

“But we’re less expensive than having an IT department,” adds Lester Davis, the local company president.

TLITLogo_vertServices offered:
• Comprehensive network assessment
• Technology consulting
• Network security best practices
• Server installation and support
• Helpdesk & troubleshooting
• System monitoring & alerts
• Staff training

• Total data protection
• Anti-spam and spyware protection
• IP phone systems
• Cloud services
• Mobile device management
• Full range of hardware and software products

TeamLogic IT
8441 Belair Road, Suite 201
Nottingham, MD 21236

The Baltimore-based franchise – there are over 79 locations nationwide – serves clients in the Baltimore and Harford County region whose businesses have from five computers or devices to more than 100 computers and mobile devices. Clients range from medical practices and companies, business services and accounting, to manufacturing and real estate, but they have one thing in common – they all depend on technology to stay competitive.

Even organizations with a different mission depend on IT.

“A big part of our local clients are non-profits,” says Davis. “They obviously don’t often have the biggest budget and we’re able to work with them and meet their needs.”

First established in 2004, TeamLogic IT provides cloud services, secure mobility, end-to-end IT security services, unified communications with integrated voice and data services, and business continuity that minimizes the impact of any outages.

While TeamLogic IT offers 24/7 support in case of a computer emergency, “our whole model is based on the premise that a well-designed and well-maintained network won’t crash,” Wagner says, adding that doing so frees TeamLogic IT to focus on “how we can leverage technology to improve the business. For example, we look at things that are repetitive and time-consuming and automate them.”

The company has the resources to stay on top of the fast-changing world of technology and IT security, something that is nearly impossible for a non-IT professional to do. That, Wagner says, helps clients avoid spending money fixing problems they don’t need to have.

TeamLogic IT is known for its level of engagement with its clients. The company holds strategic planning meetings with clients; it provides access to its client portal website where clients can create tickets and view the status of tickets and project tasks; and it provides frequent system health reports.

“We don’t want to be strangers; we try to position ourselves as an active part of a client’s team,” Wagner says.

Because they are a franchise, Wagner and Davis can draw on best practices developed by other franchisees throughout the country and form relationships with established vendors – such as Microsoft, Jive and Dell – that are not available to smaller companies. Nationwide, they can tap into the brain power of more than 300 technicians, and they regularly attend brainstorming sessions devoted to technical issues.

Davis, who has a degree in computer science, has been in the IT field since 1990. While working for another company he met Wagner, who was then an intern majoring in Information Systems at what is now Stevenson University.

After graduation, Wagner worked on UNIX systems as a contractor for Sun Microsystems, and after Oracle bought Sun, as a project manager and engineer for U.S. Department of Defense-related projects; Davis, meanwhile, had started his own company.

“I was basically doing what we do now except I didn’t have all these additional resources,” Davis says. The pair decided upon a TeamLogic IT franchise and opened it in February 2015 because of the expertise and established best practices available to them.

Wagner jokes that as a franchisee, “You get the brand, but since we were the first TeamLogic IT office in Maryland, no one had heard of us.” To spread the word, they’ve joined local business associations and chambers of commerce and referrals are quickly growing for the business. They offer a free consultation to prospective clients, and they’ve developed training programs to help businesses identify potential security threats.

“People think their businesses are too small to be targeted, but they don’t realize that you could get caught in dragnet-style sweeps,” Davis says. “The bad guys have more resources than ever before and security technology only works when implemented correctly and combined with good personnel behavior.”

“We bring enterprise-level experience to small businesses so that our clients can be confident in their technology investments,” Wagner says. I95