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Personal Customer Service, American Fuel
Aero Energy

October 2015
Dan McClure

Dan McClure

Dan McClure is and always will be the face you know around Havre de Grace. Even a visit to a local coffee shop offers a trip down memory lane with the barista, sharing a memory or two of McClure as co-captain of the Havre de Grace Football team leading the Warriors to the state championship. Known for pristine deliveries in the pocket on the gridiron, and later on the lacrosse field with the Towson Tigers, McClure has parlayed that same expertise into a career much to the benefit of friends and neighbors, and a classmate or 20, at Aero Energy.

“I get to work with people in the community where I grew up and in communities where they live in Harford, Cecil and Baltimore counties, with our offices right here in Havre de Grace,” McClure says with a characteristic smile and a greeting for another friend. “It’s really a wonderful thing to be a part of this community, a part of Havre de Grace – no matter where I’ve gone this place is first in my heart and mind.”

McClure goes pretty far back in Havre de Grace, though admittedly not nearly as far as Aero Energy, which has been in business since 1929. Aero Energy, at 1751 Pulaski Highway, in Havre de Grace, provides dependable fuel delivery and high quality service to customer’s equipment at extremely competitive prices. “If you are fortunate enough to own your own tank, you have the freedom to choose any supplier you want,” McClure notes.

That’s exactly why Aero Energy automatically offers new customers using propane or oil as a main source of heat exceptional fixed rates per gallon. They also offer pre-buy and budget programs to customers.

The programs Aero Energy offers have certainly impressed customers, both residential and commercial. But it is that special skill and courtesy offered by McClure, perhaps one he perfected while serving as Student Government President at Havre de Grace High School, that have current customers sharing their excellent experiences with friends, thereby keeping McClure’s phone ringing nearly constantly.

aeroLogoServices offered:
• No additional fees for SMART Price Protection Plans
• Special delivery pricing on first fill
• 24/7 Emergency Service
• $50 credit for referrals
• 100 percent American Fuel

AERO Energy
1751 Pulaski Hwy
Havre de Grace MD 21078
Toll Free: 888-480-1271
Dan McClure

“Legendary service,” McClure says succinctly and appropriately. “A smart phone is a wonderful thing and my clients can phone me anytime and reach me, text me, email me or even send me a message via Facebook.” Be it answering the phone, responding to the text or email or returning a message, it is McClure on the other end of the phone offering that rarest of commodities – personal service, communication and interaction. “I’m there seven days a week. I might be answering the phone from the sidelines while I’m coaching a lacrosse game, but my clients aren’t waiting for office hours to roll around.”

The father of five boys, McClure is proud that Aero Energy uses 100 percent American fuel. “We deliver oil, propane, gasoline and diesel for residential application to farms, marinas and large operations,” he notes. “It was back in 2009 Aero Energy became one of the first oil and gas companies in the United States to provide our customers with AMERIgreen 100 percent North American made fuel.” These fuels are drilled, refined and sold exclusively in North America, including heating oil and propane gas sold throughout the year. “Aero Energy has made a significant financial commitment to not use foreign oil,” McClure says.

Aero Energy offers environmentally friendly and efficient heating oil to residences across Pennsylvania and Maryland, as well as local sales and service of propane. Through the SMART Price Protection program, prices are guaranteed through May 2016 with no additional fees.

To learn more about Aero Energy or to speak with McClure on ways to “tame your energy beast,” call him at 443-392-2636, or you can text if you are so inclined. The toll free number is 888-480-1271 or email to find out about the opportunities from Aero Energy in Havre de Grace. I95