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STEM Heroes Honored
NMTC Visionary Awards

April 2015
(Back row, left to right): Rick Moore, Joseph A. Domanico, Brad Ruprecht, Warren Mullins, Louie Lopez, Marco Ciavolino, Dr. Bruce Burns, Lester Hitch, Dr. John McDonough, Andy Borzok. (Front row): Dr. Deidre DeRoia, Kimberly Nikitas, Breanne Sutton, Susan Cody Ciavolino, Erica Fineman-Bertoli, Katie McHenry.

(Back row, left to right): Rick Moore, Joseph A. Domanico, Brad Ruprecht, Warren Mullins, Louie Lopez, Marco Ciavolino, Dr. Bruce Burns, Lester Hitch, Dr. John McDonough, Andy Borzok. (Front row): Dr. Deidre DeRoia, Kimberly Nikitas, Breanne Sutton, Susan Cody Ciavolino, Erica Fineman-Bertoli, Katie McHenry.

The fourth annual Visionary Awards were presented Feb. 26 at the Richlin Ballroom in Edgewood. Of the 16 honorees for these awards, half were from Aberdeen Proving Ground and half from industry, academia and non-profits. Since 2012, the Visionary Awards have been presented annually to exceptional individuals who meet the following criteria: remarkable people who continue to play key roles in moving our region forward in the areas of STEM education and technology.

Once again, this year’s program was sponsored by Harford Community College. Dr. Dennis Golladay, president of the college, serves on NMTC’s board and is a staunch proponent of STEM education. Speaking for the entire NMTC board, Michael Parker, board chair, says, “These are individuals who selflessly donate their time and talents to make a difference in their community.”

Visionary Award:
Significant and lengthy contributions. Personal commitment to the advancement of STEM Education and Technology and to the well being of our total community with demonstrated qualities of enlightened leadership, over a remarkable period of time.
Winner: C. Warren Mullins, Battelle Eastern Technology Center (retired).

Setting the pace for success. Acknowledges this individual’s steadfast, consistent contribution to the advancement of STEM Education or Technology development in a public way while inspiring others to help in accomplishing shared goals.
Winners: Marco Ciavolino, Techbrick Robotics; Erica Fineman-Bertoli, APG Communications-Electronics Research, Development, Engineering Center; and Louie Lopez, APG Research Development and Engineering Command.

Ideas that make a difference. Recognizes exceptional personal efforts in development and implementation of innovative program(s) measurably benefiting STEM Education or Technology application with the potential for broad positive impact in the community.
Winners: Andy Borzok, Cecil County Public Schools; Kimberly Nikitas, Battelle Eastern Technology Center; and Joseph A. Domanico, APG Edgewood Chemical Biological Center.

Role models for future generations. Illuminates those consistently volunteering their knowledge, experiences, and wisdom by going above and beyond in using their personal time and resources simply for the love of stimulating and inspiring greatness in students or teachers or organization protégés.
Winners: Dr. Bruce Burns, Senior Science Society, Harford Community College; Deidre DeRoia, APG Garrison Natural Resources Branch; Dr. John McDonough, APG Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense; and Susan Ciavolino, Boys & Girls Club.

Rising star:
People to watch. Demonstrated, in a bold way, the potential to be an excellent, long-term contributor to STEM Education or Technology.
Winners: Katie McHenry, Youth Benefit Elementary School STEM Club; and Breanne Sutton, Orbital ATK Missile Products Division.

Technology Advancement:
Exceptional implementation of technology.
The potential for technology to be an excellent, long-term contributor to the community and nation.
Winners: Rick Moore, Brad Ruprecht, and Lester Hitch, APG Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, Rapid Technologies and Inspection Branch.

Visionary Awards Committee members include Michael Seldes, Chairperson along with Denise Carnaggio, John Casner, Mary Doak, Dr. Dennis Golladay, Tim Jernigan, Sheryl Davis-Kohl, Kathy Kunda, Melissa Kuzma, Marlene Lieb, Barney Michel, Dr. Michael O’Leary, Ginny Walker and Jim Weber.
“Our nation’s security and global competiveness goals require highly talented STEM educated professionals. The Visionary Awards recognizes those contributing the most to help us achieve these goals,” says John Casner, NMTC executive director.

The highlight at this year’s awards was the video, created by committee chair Michael Seldes, which captured motivating comments from previous honorees. Many in the audience commented that it help them to see clearly the power of this community program to effect change.

This year’s Visionary Award recipient was Warren Mullins, VP of Battelle (retired) and a long-term proponent of bringing STEM education to middle school and younger students. As is customary, a previous Visionary Award recipient introduces this year’s recipient, and Dr. Diane Lane, Cecil College, 2013 Visionary, did the honors.

Prior Visionary Award Recipients include Gary Martin, Deputy to the Commanding General, APG (2014), Dr. Diane Lane, Vice President of Student Services and Institutional Effectiveness (2013), and James Foulk, founder of SURVICE Engineering and founder/president/CEO of Chesapeake Testing (2012).
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The Visionary Awards began in 2012 to celebrate our neighbors and colleagues making a difference in STEM Education and to Technology Advancement in our community. This evening honors those individuals. The ultimate goal of this gala is not to only honor those most deserving, but stimulate interest in, encourage others to support and identify areas where people in the room that evening and far into the community decide to support, STEM education. I95