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Meg Cotton
Niche Graphic Design

February 2015
Meg Cotton

Meg Cotton

For Meg Cotton, success is the merger of two passions.

Cotton combined her love of art, which she minored in at Shippensburg University, and her interest in technology, which dates back to her youth when she watched her father run a computer business. The merger of the two has enabled Cotton to find her “niche.”

After eight years as an elementary school teacher, Cotton went back to school in 2004 to study graphic design at Harford Community College. She was immediately hooked. “I knew it was for me,” she says. “I should have always gone into it.” Cotton went on to earn a Certificate in Graphic Design and, after an internship, was hired by the Harford Community College Marketing and Public Relations Department as a graphic designer. She excelled in designing brochures, logos, flyers, digital ads and signs, and assisting with web and social media campaigns. She has received several awards from the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations.

Cotton completed projects on a freelance basis for other companies, and in 2014 she officially created Niche Graphic Design, devoting her attention to clients full time. From the moment she opened her doors, business has grown consistently, in part due to word-of-mouth from existing customers and exposure at networking events.

Her home office enables her to keep her rates competitive, and she works primarily with budget-conscious small and new businesses. She considers her operation a “one-stop shop” for a variety of clients including Realtors, credit card companies, automobile body shops and universities in Harford County and throughout Maryland. She also works in partnership with web design firms and marketing agencies to provide design services.

Services Offered:
• Print Design
• Web Design
• Social Media Marketing

National Council of Marketing and Public Relations Awards:
• Logo Design
• Marketing Campaign
• Postcard Design
• Brochure Design

Pro Bono Work:
• Senior Express, Inc.

She starts by forming a relationship with the business owner, developing a mutual trust and learning about the business and its standing in the marketplace. She helps to develop a brand and determine marketing needs. Her goal is to help the business grow and move forward by creating a recognizable identity.

“Your brand has to say something about you,” she says. “The design has to reflect that brand.”

Cotton uses the brand for the firm’s identification through logo design, business cards, signs and more. Then, she develops an online presence through website and social media marketing.

Cotton is hard working, dedicated and driven to help her clients experience success. That success, she says, helps her prosper as well through their recommendation of her to other businesses. “When they succeed, I succeed,” she says. I95

Meg Cotton
Niche Graphic Design