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WSI WebSpecialist

October 2014
Jeff Harrison

Jeff Harrison

After seeing the dramatic and positive impact that a strong website and overall web presence had on business growth at his previous job, Jeff Harrison, owner and professional internet marketing consultant at WSI WebSpecialist, decided he wanted to help other companies experience that same success. Putting his own skills in customer service, computer programming and analysis to work, he created WSI WebSpecialist (WSI) 10 years ago in Harford County. Based in Bel Air, WSI is more than just a web design company. “Graphic designers and web developers are typically hired for specific projects that have a defined end. As a consultant, I help my clients understand that web marketing is an on-going process — and one that requires adaptability as the playing field changes, and as their business grows,” says Harrison.

WSI partners with clients for the long-term, specializing in monthly search engine optimization services. “Internet marketing and SEO can be as complex as business law and tax accounting, so it makes sense to bring in a professional,” says Harrison.


• WSI WebSpecialist is part of the greater WSI Internet Consulting franchise network, which has offices in 87 countries.
• 2015 will be WSI WebSpecialist’s 10th year.
• Primary offerings are search engine optimization (SEO) and custom, mobile-responsive website design.
• WSI Consultants receive training and updates directly from Google, Bing and Hubspot.
• 90 minutes of training and written user guides are included with any website project.

Another distinguishing feature of WSI is their willingness to not just give in to trends, but to tell a customer what they really need. Companies sometimes ask for the latest, cutting edge technology, thinking it will put them ahead of their competition. Harrison says that’s not always best, explaining, “For most businesses, experience favors proven technologies and best practices in design.” WSI endorses innovative uses for social media outlets and content marketing that noticeably impact branding; a mobile-responsive website that provides users with real, complete information in a useful mobile format; and, naturally, a seasoned marketing professional to help guide you through the process of maximizing your company’s potential.

To avoid conflicts of interest, WSI will generally only choose one company within a certain industry and geographic location to take on as a monthly SEO client. They have partnerships with Google, Bing, Microsoft, Hubspot, and a global reach, so you know with WSI you are getting a fully integrated, committed and far-reaching web marketing team providing a full range of effective services.

“It’s most satisfying when a prospective client calls me out of the blue and says they were referred by one of our existing clients as a result of the success that client has had, and the trust we’ve built while working together,” says Harrison. I95