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There’s a Company Page, Too?
People, Content and Followers on Your LinkedIn Company Page

October 2014

Colleen McKenna, LinkedIn Expert

If you walk down a busy street and happen to turn around and notice a few people following you, you might not pay too much attention. But if you turn around again and see hundreds of people following you, you might. You might wonder why they are following you. Perhaps, they are interested to see where you are going. Maybe you look more interesting than you realize or maybe you are headed to a popular place. Who knows? What’s important is that they are following you and you notice.

It makes me a bit crazy when I go to a company’s LinkedIn Company Page and see they have hundreds of followers and there is nothing for them to follow because no one at the company is paying attention to their LinkedIn Company Page. That’s what I call a missed opportunity, don’t you agree?

While your corporate website provides the singular voice of your organization, LinkedIn brings you to life through your people. LinkedIn Company Pages is where your organization comes together on LinkedIn. They are free (Career Pages are an additional cost) and provide the collective view of who you are. In less than a minute, I understand who you are, your corporate vibe, whether you value LinkedIn’s professional network, whether you are progressive, conservative, even old school.

Have you thought about that lately? How do you look? What’s your digital footprint as an organization beyond your website? How many people follow your LinkedIn Company Page?

Has someone paid attention and created a plan that should include an overview, content from your website (blog posts, e-books, articles, press releases) and shout outs from third-party sources (including people within your network)?

Are you employees following your LinkedIn Company Page? Please, please, say yes.

I think LinkedIn Company Pages are misunderstood, overlooked and neglected and I can’t figure out why, especially for B2B marketers.

First, did I mention, they are free? That’s a good reason to jump in. No financial barrier and equal opportunity to all.

From there, consider that people are actually interested in your company and when they follow your company, if set up correctly, you may be featured on their individual LinkedIn profiles. Let’s say you’re a company of 10, but you have 100 followers on LinkedIn. Keep them engaged and those followers may turn into fans and share your content. Other people who may have never heard of your company, suddenly may. There’s some upside.

Don’t fixate on the number of followers you have. Rather focus on providing followers with interesting and compelling insight, trends, shout outs, updates and announcements. I’d rather have 100 engaged fans than 1,000 who are only mildly interested in us as a business.

If there is no content, there’s nothing to follow. Followers can’t become fans if the headless horseman’s leading the way. Give them something to follow – “remarkable content” to quote a fellow colleague Mike Sweeney from Right Source Marketing. Give them valuable, substantial content and shout outs to employees, partners and other good companies, and you give them a reason to come back for more.

Have one or two pieces of anchor content? Consider a Sponsored Update, LinkedIn’s most recent addition to their advertising options. Sponsor your content to a larger audience (you choose the parameters), set a budget and you appear on the screens of far more people’s activity page.

Your current employees are your best evangelists and should be encouraged to follow your LinkedIn Company Page and share your content with their networks.

Step beyond your employees and ask your clients, prospects and strategic partners to follow you on LinkedIn Company Page. How? Lots of ways. Post a LinkedIn Status Update and mention it, include a LinkedIn icon on your website, mention it in your next e-newsletter, talk about it at your staff meetings, mention it in business meetings. Weave your message throughout the fabric of your organization and channels you use. We can’t always know how people will find us, so we need to be dressed and ready to greet people when they come to our door.

I can tell a lot about an organization from their LinkedIn Company Page. If I look at yours what will I see?

By the way, we would love for you to visit and follow Intero Advisory’s LinkedIn Company Page. And how about I95 BUSINESS’ LinkedIn Company Page?

See you there. I95