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Targeted, Affordable, Successful Marketing

October 2014

Dave Carberry, CEO, Enradius

Finding the best clients for one’s business can be a daunting challenge for anyone. And then there is the matter of keeping those businesses sticking with your company for the long haul.

Yet successfully doing so is every business owner’s dream, but one that can be difficult to achieve, especially with myriad new ways of advertising. Does one stick with print publications? Apps? Local business listings? Social networks? Something else? And then there is the necessity of keeping up with the constantly changing opportunities that the Internet provides. No surprise that entrepreneurs might want to throw their hands up in despair.

But to make life simpler – and especially more effective when it comes to spending everyone’s advertising dollars – Dave Carberry has launched Enradius. “Our mission is to help clients find their ideal customer and Capture, Retain and Remarket to those customers,” says Carberry, Enradius’ CEO. “Not all businesses need to reach the entire population, and we help them focus on customers who are most likely to shop and are within their targeted geographical location.”

3305 Coventry Court Drive
Ellicott City, MD 21042

Business Hours:
8:30 am-6 pm EST
Saturday: 9 am-2 pm

Enradius is on top of:
• Local search engine optimization
• Pay per click advertising
• Local targeted videos
• Listing directories
• Mobile Media

With a background in advertising that includes the gamut of working at radio stations, in web development, e-marketing and television, and with national entities such as, a division of AOL, Carberry opened up shop in Ellicott City in September. Already he has an impressive client list that includes Princeton Sports, Edward Arthur Jewelers, Bel Air Dental and Goodwill Chesapeake.

“Everyone is different, but most of our clients are looking for someone to take care of the digital arm of their business. They want and need to focus on servicing their customers,” he says. “Furthermore they don’t have the time and in-depth expertise to manage all the digital opportunities that are out there.”

Of course, with the troubled economy, businesses might be loath to spend money on promoting themselves. But Carberry is quick to point out that Enradius is great at targeting potential clients for far less than one might expect. “We look at what businesses are currently spending on advertising and help them stretch their advertising dollars,” he says. “Plus Enradius does not have shareholders to report to. We really take our experience to the next level for our clients.”

By way of example, Enradius can put together a 30-second commercial that can see approximately 200,000 impressions within targeted zip codes and reach a niche audience for less than $2,500. Compare that to local television, which might cost $600 for one commercial running a single time. In the case of Edward Arthur Jewelers, Enradius created a piece for it that runs in banner video. “We run this in a 15-mile radius around the Columbia Mall, which makes it possible for Edward Arthur to avoid having to buy an expensive television ad,” he says.

And for non-profits, Carberry notes that Google offers a monthly advertising budget or grant. “A lot of non-profits don’t know about this, but if you are approved the grant can be as high as $10,000 a month, and we are available to manage the campaign,” he says, adding that Enradius’ charitable ventures include Playworks Maryland, as well as the Goodwill fundraiser, Gridiron Halloween Party.

Enradius_logoRight now, Carberry’s biggest challenge is getting the word out about Enradius. “Word of mouth is one of our best assets, and we are determined to grow our business,” he says. “We are creating our own video to market ourselves and running ads on Google … in other words, we are doing the same marketing for ourselves that we do for our customers.”

Finally, notes Carberry, there is still time for retailers to pull together a great campaign aimed at Black Friday shoppers. I95