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Kenneally Technology Services

October 2014
Dave Thomas, Director at Kenneally Technology Services.

Dave Thomas, Director at Kenneally Technology Services.

“It’s difficult to run a business today without an accountant, a lawyer and a computer/IT systems expert,” says Dave Thomas, Director at Kenneally Technology Services. A business unit of CPA firm J.L. Kenneally & Company, Thomas contends his firm’s technology work is held to a higher standard. “We’re not just an accounting firm doing technology. Our business is technology, and we happen to be part of a reputable accounting firm,” he emphasizes.

Thomas started Kenneally Technology Services in 2004 after leaving his post as senior manager of the technology consulting practice for top CPA firm Clifton Gunderson’s Mid-Atlantic region. “John Kenneally’s firm was a former client of mine, and he told me to make his number the first one I dialed if I ever decided to leave. So I did,” Thomas explains.

660 Kenilworth Drive, Suite 104
Towson, MD 21204
Dave Thomas
Director of Technology Services

• IT Security Assessment
• Outsourced Network Administration
• Network Design and Installation
• Medical Technology
• Hosted Cloud Solutions
• SharePoint Services
• Terminal Services/Citrix
• Disaster Recovery Solutions
• Mac/Apple/Windows Support

Key Clients:
• ZeroDraft
• CurePSP
• American Substance Abuse Professionals, Inc.
• Tidewater Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Associates, P.A.

With the support of Kenneally, Thomas built a technology business both with existing accounting clients and new clients who weren’t part of the accounting firm’s roster. He grew the business through traditional networking and word-of-mouth, a philosophy, he says, he and Kenneally share. Today, the technology roster includes businesses of all sizes – from a physical therapy office with 15 locations throughout Maryland and Delaware to a public safety firm with customers nationwide. Most clients are based in the Baltimore Metro area, but Thomas says he has his eye on expansion into Harford County.

The industry experience of Thomas and his five employees is a valuable asset. “A college degree in IT is outdated within five years,” Thomas says. “Seasoned technicians have actually seen the many changes in technology, accumulating the knowledge and background that counts.” With technology’s continued fast-paced evolution, Thomas strives to maintain his expertise as well as educate potential clients about the importance of IT security and rapid recovery. In fact, security is a big part of his business. He emphasizes that not only can breaches interfere with day-to-day operations, but they can also be critical to a company’s survival. He recalls helping a client recover from a major virus that attacked all of its computers. Thomas and his team sprang into action using a ransom-ware virus solution. “We worked evenings and through the weekend, but we were able to get the job done because of our great working knowledge of the industry,” he says.

According to a report by cyber security firm Symantec, in 2013 cyber attacks on businesses with fewer than 250 employees represented 30 percent of all attacks – nearly double that of the previous year. Studies found that 97 percent of these attacks were avoidable with the right security measures in place. Kenneally Technology Services notes that more than half of small companies that have a major data loss close their doors within two years, while 43 percent of them never reopen after the loss. Only six percent will survive long-term.

Kenneally Technology Services recommends that even small companies hire an outside IT firm, rather than assigning the IT tasks to internal personnel hired for other jobs. In addition to general IT services, Kenneally Technology Services provides valuable systems security evaluations, which assess a company’s anti-virus/anti-malware strategy, evaluate data backup and disaster recovery plans and perform external vulnerability Internet penetration testing, to check front-line hacker defense. Using an IT Security Assessment tool that gathers technology-only data from a company’s computer network, Kenneally Technology Services can provide reports and monitor security breaches. “Our IT Security Assessments sound like they would cost thousands of dollars and be out of reach for small businesses, but in reality, they are very affordable,” Thomas says. “We’ve invested in the sophisticated tools it takes to help companies meet today’s security challenges head on.”

Kenneally Technology Services technicians are experts in both Windows and Mac operating systems, setting them apart from many consultants who can only handle one system. The company is also certified, allowing access to highly specialized industries, such as medical practitioners, physicians and accountants. Thomas says he and his colleagues pride themselves on being able to translate IT jargon into plain English for their clients. “You get what you pay for in this business,” he says. “We worry more about our clients’ bottom lines than our own.” I95