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Sweet Success: Flavor Cupcakery

August 2014

FlavorCupcakeryLogoSeveral years ago, Shelley Stannard discovered a sweet opportunity. As cupcakes swept across the nation, the Baltimore metropolitan area found itself devoid of high-end baked goods. Despite the lack of a baking background, Stannard seized the chance to use her marketing and advertising background and penchant for design to create Flavor Cupcakery in 2010.

• Cupcakes
• French Macarons
• Cakes
• Cake Pops
• Cupcake Push-Pops
• Cake Truffles
• Whoopie Pies
• Custom designs for birthdays, ribbon cuttings, corporate logos, etc.
• Flavor Cupcake Food Truck

• 118 N. Tollgate Road, Bel Air
• Scotts Corner, 10253 York Road, Cockeysville
Flavor Cupcakery

Flavor Cupcakery was built upon a goal to combine quality products with something that is creative, fun and enjoyable no matter the age or occupation of a customer. Stannard, who moved with her husband from Massachusetts to the Baltimore area in 1996 to raise her three children, wanted her cupcakes to be a symbol of passion, imagination and delicious flavor. “It allowed me to exercise my creativity and interact with people in a positive way,” says Stannard.


Shelley Stannard, owner of Flavor Cupcakery

With two locations in Bel Air and Cockeysville, Stannard and her staff of 34 employees see the delicious treats as a positive escape from people’s stressful, everyday lives. Stannard says that “It’s all about bringing something beautiful and special to our lives.” By offering a fun, excellent product, Flavor Cupcakery can continue its strong bond with the community by putting smiles on customers’ faces.

Flavor Cupcakery sells an array of high-quality baked goods, including cupcakes, cakes and French macarons. While every customer has a personal favorite flavor, Stannard and her team are always excited to make cupcakes with new, creative flavors and fresh fruit. The Flavor team has also expanded its product line to include chocolate macarons, cake pops and whoopie pies.

In the future, Flavor Cupcakery hopes to expand by targeting new customers through the use of their Flavor food truck. The vehicle is a great marketing tool for the company. It has a daily schedule with location stops, but it can also be rented by companies who seek a catering host for their corporate events.

Stannard’s goal is to reach businesses that can use Flavor cupcakes in meetings, at corporate events or for client outreach. “While a cupcake may seem frivolous, it’s a very effective business tool,” says Stannard. No matter how old or how serious a client is, providing fun, delicious Flavor cupcakes at events is a fantastic way to create a special bond between a company, its clients and employees. I95