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Elevate Your Health: Massage Heights

August 2014

To many people, the idea of a massage seems like a luxurious self-indulgence. Deb DeVoe, owner of Massage Heights in Bel Air, wants her guests to see it as much more than that. DeVoe believes regular massage should be part of an overall health and wellness MassageHeightsLogoplan, as essential as exercise or eating healthy.

• Monthly Massage Plans
• Hour and half-hour massages available
• Four all-natural aromatherapy enhancements
• Hot stone therapy, foot scrubs and facial massages
• Corporate memberships and family plans
• Discounts for 10 or more employees
• At-office massages

Massage Heights Greenbrier Shopping Center
223 Brierhill Drive, Suite K
Bel Air, MD 21015

“While the Massage Heights retreat is very comfortable and well appointed,” she explains, “we really are all about the therapeutic benefits of massage.”

Today’s world moves at a relentless pace. People find themselves working long hours, fighting the daily stress of long commutes and juggling the demands of family. These and other aspects of our busy stressful lifestyles can lead to problems such as increased stress, increased blood pressure, muscle tension and stiffness, and poor circulation. The Mayo Clinic reports these health issues and many more can genuinely benefit from regular therapeutic massage.

At Massage Heights, DeVoe and her licensed, professionally trained staff of therapists strive to undue all the damage of modern life, while creating an atmosphere of serenity and bliss.


Deb DeVoe, owner of Massage Heights and Xtend Barre

A unique feature of Massage Heights is the addition of therapeutic aromatherapy to all massages. Therapeutic aromatherapy offers specific benefits tailored to the guest’s needs. The scents include: Relax, a lavender-based scent; Breathe, a eucalyptus scent popular with those who have migraine or sinus issues; Energize, a bright rosemary-basil scent to overcome mental and physical fatigue; and Revive, a lemongrass and basil line that will revive your skin. A range of products is also available for purchase to be used at home and includes body wash, body milk, body butter and bath salts.

To make adding a massage to everyday life more convenient, Massage Heights is open seven days a week. They’re also open until 9 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“Not everyone can get here during the day, and we want to make massage convenient for everyone’s lifestyle,” DeVoe explains.

Massage Heights is located next door to DeVoe’s other business, Xtend Barre Fitness Studio. Together, she hopes the two businesses will form a synergistic environment that focuses on self-care for busy people.

“I want to create a wellness destination in Bel Air,” she says. I95