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Say Hello to Showcase Pages

June 2014

How Does Your Company Now Look on LinkedIn?

Lynne Leidy

Lynne Leidy

We all know LinkedIn starts with the individual and is about people connecting with people. It’s the de-facto professional platform for connecting and publishing. Did you realize though that your organization has a presence on LinkedIn?

If so, are you up to speed with LinkedIn’s recent changes?

If not, hold on and keep reading.

LinkedIn Company Pages are a treasure trove of information and insight – in seconds, I have a vibe on the organization. Not many places I can do that as quickly as I can from LinkedIn. Most likely not from your website. I can tell if you are a conservative, diverse, social, creating content, hiring, growth-oriented, mature and who the key stakeholders and decision makers are. Not bad from a quick 20-second look.

Did I mention LinkedIn Company Pages are available to all organizations and are not a perk of upgrading? Ahhh … but with the changes LinkedIn has recently rolled out they do require thought, content and ongoing support. (Hopefully you read Colleen McKenna’s article in the April issue title, “1 in 3 Ain’t Bad, Don’t Miss the Train” where she talked about content and its role on LinkedIn.)

LinkedIn Company Pages lets you feature your organization (who you are), showcase your employees, post your content, highlight your organizational offerings and recruit. The only cost to LinkedIn is an upgrade on a Careers Tab. The cost overall is the time to craft the strategy, create good content, post and nurture engagement. It’s an investment but one, especially if you are B2B, will pay dividends.

In April LinkedIn rolled out Showcase Pages, replacing the Products & Services tab. We had a month’s warning but were uncertain how they would turn out. It’s been an interesting transition and one we are watching carefully.

Showcase Pages are different in their layout and function. There is a two-column format (a bit reminiscent of Facebook), so there isn’t as much room for content. You can build up to 10 Showcase Pages, less than the 25 Products & Services you could feature. Video fits in everywhere; there isn’t a direct link to place video.

Why Showcase Pages?
They have the potential to create greater engagement between you and the people who are interested in you. People can follow your company, or, if you have Showcase Pages, they can follow those independently. This is great if you are a larger organization with multiple business units or divisions, product offerings or audiences and stakeholders.

In our recent conversations with LinkedIn they are focused on content and targeting over the next six months and Showcase Pages are a great example of how this will roll out. It’s an absolute benefit to you as an organization.

When LinkedIn spends time and money developing something new, take notice. There is a reason, one that may not always be obvious to you and me, but is obvious down the road.

Take a look at what your competitors and clients are doing on LinkedIn.

Nothing? Great – what an opportunity to be the leader in your industry. Remember people are only going to check your LinkedIn Company Page out if you have something worth checking out. Check out your LinkedIn Company Page Analytics benchmark, then check back to see if you are growing Followers and creating engagement.

Don’t be the organization that doesn’t pay attention. Stand up and lead the way, and build out your organizational presence on LinkedIn to further your business initiatives.

After 13 years of focusing on marketing and communications at a healthcare company, Lynne Leidy joined Intero Advisory as lead Community Architect ready to deepen the LinkedIn engagement for our clients and serve as a coach and trainer. Her own career transition enhances her coaching for those in a similar situation. Contact her at or I95