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Easing Pain, Improving Life: Maryland Spine Institute

April 2014

Dr. Rochelin Herold, DC, MS, Maryland Spine Institute

Dr. Rochelin Herold, DC, MS, Maryland Spine Institute

Dr. Rochelin Herold, DC, MS, Maryland Spine Institute

Quality of life.
This phrase means different things to different people, but to Dr. Rochelin Herold, clinical director at the Maryland Spine Institute, it means doing what makes you happy. Pain often keeps people from doing what they love. And traditional medicine often tells people to stop doing the activities that cause them pain.

“I want patients to have a better quality of life. We can’t fix everyone, but if we can help people play with their kids longer, walk in the mall with their spouse, work in the garden or continue doing the activities that make them happy … that’s life worth living,” Dr. Herold says.

The Maryland Spine Institute in Bel Air is not like other healthcare practices. The two-story office space has an open floor plan that accommodates privacy while encouraging patient interaction. Indirect lighting and subdued music support a relaxed atmosphere where laughter and compassion are the norm. Educational videos play on flatscreen TVs to encourage patients to learn about musculoskeletal health and overall wellness.

Client Services

• Spinal Decompression Therapy
• Physical Therapy
• Chiropractic Care
• Cold Laser Therapy
• Custom Foot Orthotics
• Ergonomic Assessment
• Massage Therapy
• Natural Pain Relief Products

• BS Exercise Physiology with Emphasis in Aquatic PT
• MS Public Health-Community Health Education
• DC Life University

Certifications and Awards
• Board Certified Chiropractor with Physical Therapy Privileges
• First Research Track Award at Life University
• Published Researcher with American Public Health Association
• Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist

• Maryland Chiropractic Assoc.
• International Chiropractic Assoc.
• Harford County Chamber of Commerce

By combining complementary disciplines – chiropractic, physical therapy, spinal decompression, massage and cold laser therapies, orthotics and nutrition – in one practice, the doctors, therapists and staff at MSI identify the problems behind the pain, and then develop a comprehensive treatment plan that utilizes the most appropriate interventions to offer long-term relief to patients.

New patients often are visiting a chiropractor for the first time. Dr. Herold says, “People are looking for alternative solutions. They are open to therapies that don’t involve drugs, injections or surgery.” Patients who have tried chiropractic before quickly realize MSI is different. He adds, “Just because it says chiropractic on the door doesn’t mean the same level of care is offered. New patients undergo a two-day intake process, and invariably tell me they have never experienced such a comprehensive approach. The combination of chiropractic with physical therapy is quite unique.”

Day One is fact-finding. Dr. Herold performs a complete neuromusculosketetal exam to assess range of motion, strength and posture, and often conducts nerve testing and takes X-rays to rule out more serious conditions. Unless an MRI is required, all diagnostics are done onsite.

Day Two is a report of findings and an outline of treatments Dr. Herold recommends.

“We discuss first what we feel are the root causes of the problems, then how to go about correcting those problems. Once health issues have been corrected, we recommend an individualized wellness and maintenance plan to ensure underlying conditions do not return,” he says. “If we cannot help a patient, we point them in the right direction. We work with pain management physicians, surgeons and neurologists, and even other physical therapy practices.”

Dr. Herold is a first generation American, born to Haitian immigrants in Brooklyn, N.Y. He attended a health professions high school, and then matriculated to West Virginia University, where he earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
“After interning in a rehab hospital, I knew I wanted to focus on community health. When I researched chiropractic, I realized this was exactly what I wanted to do,” Dr. Herold says. He then pursued a Doctorate from Life University College of Chiropractic in Georgia, where he received one of two of the University’s inaugural Research Track awards for his contributions toward chiropractic research.

MSI is one of few chiropractic and physical therapy practices to offer two cutting edge treatments including cold laser therapy and spinal decompression. Cold laser therapy uses laser light from the cool part of the spectrum to improve soft tissue healing by increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation and supporting the generation of new, healthy tissue. Cold laser therapy has revolutionized treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.
MSI’s decompression therapy is a noninvasive treatment for herniated discs that has successfully alleviated debilitating pain, even where surgical interventions have failed. “Spinal decompression enlarges the disc space, strengthens outer ligaments to move the herniated disc back into place and actually reverses intra-disc pressures,” Dr. Herold says.

Whatever the treatment option, Dr. Herold aims to “help every new patient that walks through our doors and we look forward to continuing to serve the greater Harford community for many years to come.”

Dr. Herold is married to Dr. Joyce Herold, a Towson Univeristy administrator. The couple has one son, Caleb. I95

Maryland Spine Institute
730 Baltimore Pike, Bel Air