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75 Years and Counting

December 2013

Donohue-Hart-Thomson Financial Group

1939. That’s the year Baltimore resident John Donohue, Sr., launched The Donohue Agencies to sell property, casualty and life insurance to families and businesses. FDR was in the White House, World War II was brewing and more than one million people descended on Atlanta to see Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh star in “Gone with the Wind.”

John Donohue, Jr. (left) and John Donohue, III of The Donohue-Hart-Thomson Financial Group.

John Donohue, Jr. (left) and John Donohue, III of The Donohue-Hart-Thomson Financial Group.

The public figures and events of 1939 shaped our country’s identity. The same can be said of John Donohue, Sr. A public figure, no, but he left a legacy that lives on through his son and grandson: get to know your clients, help them determine their goals and vulnerabilities, then provide the expert advice, service and products – be it weathering life’s storms, securing a sound retirement or growing and protecting a family business.

The Donohue Agencies operated until 1993. Times had changed, significantly. John Donohue, Jr., and long-time friend and colleague Greg Hart decided to re-establish the company as Donohue-Hart & Associates, LTD to solidify the company’s commitment to the emerging financial planning field.

“The industry had changed over time. There wasn’t a financial services industry in the 1930s as it exists now,” says John Donohue, Jr. He entered the family business in 1964, assuming leadership of his father’s business in 1970. “That said, our job is essentially the same as when my father started. People all have unique situations and different financial needs and goals. We come along-side them, help them articulate their goals and help them achieve them.”

No sooner had the new financial planning firm begun when long-time Bel Air resident Lou Hamel became a partner in the firm bringing with him future partner and Bel Air resident Mike Thomson to build the company’s very successful Employee Benefits and Group Health department. Two years later, 1995 saw Donohue-Hart commit to Bel Air as the company’s base of operations.

It’s time for change again.

“Recognizing there is no legacy without a future,” says Greg Hart, company president, “we realized that Mike Thomson and John Donohue, III represent the future of the company and we felt it important to reflect that in our masthead. Today we are pleased to announce our new name: Donohue-Hart-Thomson Financial Group or DHTFG. What better time than to do so then on the 20th anniversary of this enduring partnership and at the beginning of our 75th year as a continuous family-operated enterprise?”

The Donohue-Hart-Thomson Financial Group is uniquely situated to provide expert counsel in today’s complex world, and to offer solutions by combining professional services and products in Financial, Estate and Business Planning, Investment and Wealth Management Services, Risk Management and Corporate Benefits Planning and now the developing arena involving Life Management Services.

Their territory is much larger than the founding Donohue could have imagined from his storefront in Baltimore. DHTFG services residents of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Despite the scope DHTFG is capable of in the 21st century, “it’s still all about relationships,” says Hart. Pointing to the company’s Four Bedrock Principles, Hart says, “Our mission is to care for, relate to and give hope to those we serve. Our conviction is to understand and value each client’s interest and needs. Our purpose is to lead with knowledge, skill, integrity and compassion. Our commitment is to build and strengthen each relationship, employee and client alike.”

Thomson concurs, adding, “The importance of an inter-disciplinary approach cannot be understated. It is very much an outgrowth of the whole relational-continuity concept whereby the increasingly complex rules surrounding financial, tax and risk management demand greater and greater levels of knowledge and skill.” I95

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The Donohue-Hart-Thomson
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