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Healthy Soldiers

October 2013
Total Urgent Care 2120 Emmorton Park Road Edgewood, 410-612-0374

Total Urgent Care
2120 Emmorton Park Road
Edgewood, 410-612-0374

Since its opening in 2004, Total Urgent Care has provided services and expertise to Aberdeen Proving Ground and some of its defense contractors. Here Bruce Lewis answers some key questions:

Q: Total Urgent Care specializes in Occupational Medicine – what type of services do you offer to APG and its Defense Contractors?

A: APG and some of its defense contractors are unique in that the spectrum of services they perform vary widely, so we may provide immunizations and surveillance exams for those who do animal research or respiratory exams and respirator fit testing to some working with chemical or biological agent.

Q: How does your location benefit APG and its defense contractors?

A: We are strategically located off I-95, right off Route 24 in the Emmorton Business Park, so it’s easy for employers in the Abingdon, Box Hill, Edgewood, Bel Air, Fallston and Aberdeen areas to get to us. And we have the largest occupational medical facility in Harford County, so we can accommodate them very easily.

Q: What are some of the other services you offer?

A: We offer a variety of services to employers including drug & alcohol testing, physical exams, hearing tests, pre-employment and DOT physicals, and OSHA physicals for respirators.

Q: Does the Army or any of its defense contractors need any specialty services?

A: Yes, due to the hazards of some of their assignments, many defense contractors require mask fit testing, Cholinesterase and other specialized testing that have to be submitted to special labs around the country, and it helps that Total Urgent Care has relationships with institutions like the U.S. Army Public Health Command/Army Institute of Public Health (formerly CHPPM), and the National B Virus Laboratory at Georgia State University. I95