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Clear Communication

October 2013

ACETHarford County has seen explosive growth in the last few years due to the increased work at APG. Adams Communications & Engineering Technologies, Inc., (ACET), is a Maryland-based, veteran-owned, small, disadvantaged business serving the federal and state communities. The vision of the owner, Charles Adams, reverberates throughout the company’s staff and is mirrored in the facilities: dedicated to support the missions of military, including APG.

As a defense contractor, ACET has clearly established itself at APG as a major player. Adams’s vision came to fruition when he had the open house for the facility “inside the gate‚” at APG. “We are excited to be here and honored be an integral part of the I-95 North Technical Corridor,” Adams says. ACET is part of the Army’s Enhanced Use Lease Space Pilot Program. APG owns the land, leases it to a developer who builds then leases out to tenants like ACET. This provides income back to APG and offers ACET the opportunity to sit within the same geographical area as the various commands at APG.

ACET has many areas of expertise, but one specifically for APG missions: senor development and integration. ACET staff works closely with government experts to design technology for enhancing the security, speed, reliability and performance of communication systems. Embedding different systems onto various platforms can produce complications. ACET helps to detect the problem, then works to provide low-cost, yet effective solutions for the government’s consideration. Embedded systems are dedicated to specific tasks so that design engineers can optimize the function to reduce the size and cost of the communication system and increase the reliability and performance.

Because ACET is a small business, managers can reach across the company to leverage proven solutions but still tailor each program to particular customers. They expect to have over 500 employees in the next year. When asked if he is experiencing growing pains, Adams says, “Yes and No. Because of our recent and upcoming expected growth, we’re building a sturdy infrastructure to solidify our value to our employees, customers and teammates. But in doing so, we have to implement Standard Operating Procedures that sometimes are not too popular.”

ACET is committed to the APG area and demonstrates this by many of the staff members‚” deep commitment and involvement in community organizations and events – both inside the gate and outside the gate. Because of their relationships and strong community ties, ACET has become one of the most knowledgeable companies in the I-95 corridor in regards to knowing who has the best and most appropriate capabilities for many of the efforts the government requires. They have become a true integrator of companies, capabilities, contracting and cultures. I95

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