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Employers Deal with Drugs and Alcohol

April 2013
Dr. Miriam Alexander Total Urgent Care

Dr. Miriam Alexander
Total Urgent Care

Dr. Miriam Alexander, Total Urgent Care, provides insight for employers facing this critical issue.

Q: Why are more employers using drug and alcohol screening programs?

A: Employers who require drug and alcohol testing want fast, accurate and reliable services so that they efficiently and effectively ensure that their workforce is safe. Total Urgent Care staff, lab and physician services are certified and credentialed to meet all gold standards of drug and alcohol testing.

Q: Is the use of heroin and painkillers up?

A: Most research studies have concluded that the use of heroin has increased over the last decade. This problem is especially acute in major metropolitan areas such as Baltimore and surrounding areas, like Harford County. The use of prescription painkillers like opiates, both natural and synthetic, has also increased. After the acute symptoms of an injury have subsided, sometimes the individual likes the mood altering effects they experienced while taking the drug, so they request refills.

Q: Do you recommend employers screen for drugs and alcohol use in the workplace?

A: A program that screens workers at discrete times is able to act as a deterrent to drug and alcohol use and allow for the removal of workers who are under the influence of mood altering substances.

Q: What should employers do if they find employees are using drugs or alcohol? What kinds of programs are available for employees?

A: In their drug and alcohol drug testing policy, employers should address their plans and expectations for employees who have tested positive for drugs or exceeded the acceptable alcohol levels. Maryland has many substance abuse professionals who can assess employees who test positive for drugs or alcohol, and make recommendations for treatment and possible reintegration to the workforce.

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