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Sheryl Davis Kohl, Beacon Staffing Alternatives

February 2013
Sheryl Davis Kohl Owner, Beacon Staffing Alternatives 410-297-6600

Sheryl Davis Kohl
Owner, Beacon Staffing Alternatives

Fallston native Sheryl Davis Kohl is the co-founder and owner of Beacon Staffing Alternatives, a privately held, woman-owned strategic staffing company that is located in Aberdeen. Beacon Staffing Alternatives works with clients and employers to place administrative, clerical, light industrial, and technical temporary employees, permanent full-time employees, and direct hire workers. The firm, which was originally founded and owned by Sheryl’s father, Wilson Davis, began as a consulting practice for full-time career placements in the late 1970s. By 1985, the company had grown into a temporary staffing business that operated under a national franchise. It was at this time that Sheryl joined the family business, serving as the vice president for operations while working to earn her master’s degree from the University of Baltimore. Sheryl continued to work for the franchise-operated Uniforce Staffing Services for 14 years.

In 1999, Sheryl and her mother, Patricia Davis, acquired a small business administration loan and were able to buy out their franchise agreement, forming Beacon Staffing Alternatives shortly after and returning the company to its original family-run standing. The firm currently provides temporary staffing, placement services, employee evaluations, payroll administration, and managed services to clients and employers. Since the founding of Beacon Staffing Alternatives, the business has grown and with this expansion and higher payroll, the firm is now able the serve a much larger population of people in the Baltimore Metro Area.

Sheryl’s previous work and education experiences lend a unique flavor to her background. She spent her summers as a greens keeper for the Hunt Valley Golf Club while she earned her undergraduate degree in political science from Albright College in Reading, Pa. Sheryl also worked in a criminal court as a data entry clerk in Towson while she was earning her master’s in public administration from the University of Baltimore. It was only after graduation that that she turned to the family business as a career, feeling that the opportunity to work with her father was a natural progression from college into the workforce.

Sheryl faces a number of challenges in the workplace every day, particularly with regard to the effects of the economy and local legislation on her business. She also works hard to remain competitive among similar staffing companies, emphasizing the care and commitment of the staffing personnel. Despite these difficulties, she finds her career to be very fulfilling. She enjoys the successes of her employees and her company, and she loves having the opportunity to work with other women-owned small businesses, mentoring and encouraging them to be successful and live their dreams. Furthermore, the flexibility and diversity of her career are very fulfilling for Sheryl, who enjoys that each day in the workplace is different from the next. She is particularly proud that her business helps create a bridge between temporary staffing and full-time employment, and she is happy to report that about 70 percent of her clients go on to full-time positions in the companies where they are placed.

Buzzwords like reliability, dependability, quality and integrity often float around the Beacon Staffing Alternatives office, and it is clear that this is a direct result of the influence Sheryl has had on her company. The family- and service-oriented atmosphere ensures that these words are kept in mind every day. There is also room for fun within Beacon Staffing Alternatives. Sheryl’s car, a 2011 GMC Arcadia, is wrapped in yellow and blue colors and decorated with the company logo, serving as a moving billboard for the business that is often recognized and commented.
Sheryl has been married for 17 years, and she feels that God blessed her with the freedom to give back to her community in the Harford County area. She believes that in order to have a successful business it is necessary to be involved in the community, and as a result she currently serves on the board of a number of organizations, including the Boys & Girls Club of Harford County, the Harford Community Action Agency, and the Aberdeen Rotary Club. She also works with the Harford County Chamber of Commerce and the Susquehanna Workforce Network. Each of these organizations holds a special place in Sheryl’s life, and she dedicates a great deal of time to service in her community.

Sheryl is a dedicated, hard-working, and family-oriented woman who is passionate about her community and her firm. Her recognition of those that support her business is admirable, and it is through her involvement in giving back to her community that Beacon Staffing Alternatives is set apart from similar companies. I95