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Renée A. McNally, HR Solutions

February 2013
Renée A. McNally President, HR Solutions 443-243-4031

Renée A. McNally
President, HR Solutions

Renée A. McNally is the founder and President of HR Solutions, a successful human resources consulting firm that is located in Bel Air. The firm works with small businesses across Maryland and Delaware in order to assist them with in-house human resources issues. This includes recruitment and hiring, benefits administration, training, performance issues, terminations, policies, and other matters. HR Solutions also helps businesses with strategic planning and coaching, and HR Solutions encourages its clients to achieve a balance of smart business practices and highly valued employees. As President of HR Solutions, Renée is involved in a variety of areas of the company, including business development, marketing, sales, and direct client work.

Renée worked in the human resources field for over 20 years before founding her own firm nine years ago. She started her career as a trainer for T.G.I. Fridays before moving on to the health care industry for a number of years. She also has experience working with corporations such as Comcast and Her passion for human resources work is so strong that when she decided to look for work outside of the corporate world, she experienced an easy transition.

HR Solutions was founded nine years ago after the birth of Renée’s third child. She originally intended to become involved in some part-time human resources projects so that she could spend more time with her family, but after being steered toward the Chesapeake Professional Women’s Network and the Harford County Chamber, she decided to start her own human resources business.

While the King of Prussia, Pa., native never planned on a career in human resources, Renée finds that her B.A. in Communication and Rhetoric and her Master’s in Counseling have suited her career path well. The communication and counseling skills that she acquired through her education have become an attribute to her career, assisting her in working with a variety of people, delivering messages, and resolving issues in the workplace.

Renée is incredibly passionate about her job and the people she encounters through her profession. She enjoys building relationships with new clients and networking with people as much as possible. She also enjoys the challenges and continual learning that occur in the human resources industry. The diversity of every issue and situation helps challenge Renée to find the best resolutions possible, and the new trends and focal points of human resources continually teach her new things about her profession. One trend that she is particularly excited about at this time is “Positive Psychology.” “It’s an entirely different approach to managing people and how they work,” Renée explains, and she hopes to help bring this trend into the organizations that she works with at HR Solutions.

Renée finds her career very fulfilling as a result of the challenges, continual learning and new people she is able to meet, as well as the flexibility and control of having her own company. She also appreciates the constant excitement of the human resources industry. The situations she deals with can be as simple as employee attendance issues or as difficult as an employee who is stealing from his or her company, but each situation is unique and interesting. As Renée explains it, “I have seen so many crazy situations that nothing surprises me anymore.”

One of the benefits of being the founder of her own business is the ability she has to create flexible work hours. Renée is a single mother with three children, and the control she has over her own schedule helps her immeasurably. She is able to support her children’s needs by adapting her work schedule to fit their lives, either by working nights and weekends or through working from her home. As a result, she is able to dedicate more time to her children than she could have while working in the corporate world.

Renée has a very active interest in her community, and she participates in a number of volunteer organizations throughout her county, serving both individually and through her firm. She is currently the President of the Chesapeake Professional Women’s Network, works with the Boys & Girls Club of Harford County, sits on the Advisory Board of Anna’s House, and does pro bono work in the area frequently while also offering discounted prices for non-profit organizations.

Renée’s affinity for her business and volunteer work is largely due to her enthusiasm and zeal for interaction and problem solving. Her passion for helping others is evident both in her career and in her service work, and it is as a result of this passion that her business is so successful. I95