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Always Better to Give Back

August 2012

“Philanthropy is something we always want to do,” says Chuck Boyle, and one company that truly believes in doing good and giving back to its community is Boyle Buick GMC Truck, located in Abingdon.

A part of the Harford County business landscape for over 40 years since Clarence Boyle, Sr. started it in 1968, Boyle Buick has continued to be a family-run car dealership under the partnership of second-generation owners Chuck Boyle, dealer principal and president, and his brother Chris, vice president and director of service operations. A third generation of Boyles has joined the family business in Chuck’s children Paige and Randy, and Chris’s son Blake.

Chuck Boyle

As Harford County natives, the Boyles believe that giving back to their community is a vital part of being in the community.

“I believe it is not only good for business, but it is a natural part of doing business,” Chuck Boyle says. “It gives me great pleasure to see how I’ve helped others. I’m from here. I care about this community and I have a passion for it.”

He has been very involved in giving back both personally and through the philanthropic efforts of Boyle Buick. He has supported SARC (Safety, Awareness, Resources, Change), which seeks to end domestic and sexual violence and also offers support to victims; has served on many non-profit boards, including the Harford County Community Foundation Board; sponsors scholarships for local high school students; and is a sponsor of local high school sports teams.
“He’s not just the company President. He still sees customers, helps train and works with sales people. He still participates in local business associations, attending, sponsoring and supporting in many ways. He participated in Dancing for the Arts in 2011, raising $24,000 for the new Center of the Arts. He helped to launch the Harford Leadership Academy. His contributions and commitments have a long history with many organizations,” says daughter Paige Boyle, who serves as the company’s marketing director.

“I see how parents appreciate our support of their kids’ teams,” Chuck says. “Many of them are our customers.”

“Dad didn’t just sponsor our little league teams – he coached us (my sister and brother) in softball, tee-ball, golf, you name it,” Paige says.
When asked about the skepticism of others who see business philanthropy as only a means for good public relations, he responds, “It’s an added benefit.”
And what’s the best part of philanthropy? “Knowing that we’ve helped someone and made a positive difference in his or her life,” he says.

To continue making a difference in people’s lives, Chuck Boyle ensures that Boyle Buick always has a budget for philanthropic endeavors. “Even when the economy is tight, we don’t cut back on our charitable giving … it’s not something we want to cut back on.” I95