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What’s Inside CadiumCD?

February 2012

CadiumCD Makes Meetings Simple

Large screen monitors adorn the desks. Sample CDs cover the walls. Inside the offices of CadiumCD, the ubiquitous atmosphere of creativity spills over the desks and onto the floors, filled with industry trade show magazines. the constant hum of computers and a vibe of designers and programmers hard at work providing turnkey media. Located in the O’Neill building off Newport Drive in Forest Hill, this multimedia company designs technical solutions and tools to publish conference education.

Managed by the husband-wife team of Peter and Michelle Wyatt, CadiumCD is named after the original product the company offered: a CD replacement for the traditional binder filled with lots of paper and handed out at conferences. The name for the Wyatts’ company evolved from their chemistry backgrounds and past work experiences.

“Both Peter and I received degrees in chemical engineering,” Michelle Wyatt explains. “[The name for the company] was originally a joke since if you ask a chemist what Cd is, they would tell you Cadium … Cd is the chemical abbreviation on the periodic table.”

Michelle Wyatt, partner, CadiumCD, standing in front of a wall of conference CDs.

Michelle discovered that her previous work in chemical sales for DuPont and Peter’s position in web development with Proctor & Gamble led the couple down the road to entrepreneurship. “I saw things going on at trade shows, and I felt we could do a better job,” she emphasizes. “Our initial product was CDs, which tend to be a cheaper and a greener product.”

While CDs are certainly still utilized, a vast majority of companies are expecting everything digitized. CadiumCD has reacted to the requests for digitization with a full suite of digital products and solutions. Since meeting planners are expecting new apps to support communication with attendees, CadiumCD makes it easy for conference managers with custom solutions.

“Most of our clients say it’s easy for attendees to use our products. As our products become more prolific, we will reach people and change their mind,” Wyatt elaborates.

CadiumCD reports an increase in business in 2011 and expects the trend to continue. “We’re really excited about growth,” she says. “Our tools simplify the collection and the publication of information that is presented at conferences.”

As the years in business have brought changes in technology, the Wyatts’ business has embraced all aspects in development and product design. The growth is steady in online services, particularly in app development. Wyatt explains, “Now, it’s all mobile apps.The more attendees, the more elaborate it gets.”

With the slogan, “meeting education made easy,” CadiumCD technology creates calls for abstracts, speaker data collection, conference proceedings, audio recordings and online learning education. Responding to customer demands, the company has developed products to streamline conference education into
one continuous workflow.

Shannon Bailey, graphic designer, works up conference proceedings for the American Statistical Association.

Whether clients use individual products or the entire process to streamline event education, CadiumCD guarantees to accommodate last minute deadlines, provide online updates and deliver fast turnaround times. It’s customary for CadiumCD to receive changes and edits to documents that must be integrated, and they respond to all requests in a timely manner. Wyatt says the goal is to create content that works and is easy to understand.

“Technology accessibility has made it imperative that all of our products work on mobile devices that don’t necessarily support Flash. Our products work with HTML5, whereas before they were almost all Flash-based,” she says.

CadiumCD focuses on technology that’s user friendly. This primary objective meets the “Easy” experience for users and administrators of CadiumCD products. “Most conference attendees will now bring netbooks or tablets, neither of which contain CD drives, so all of our products need to work online,” Wyatt explains.

Creating easy to use services that save time and money is part of CadiumCD’s master plan.

Number of Employees: 15
Year Founded: 2000
Facility size: 3,000 square feet
Sales Growth: Over 50% in FY11
Number of Projects: 200 per year

Services include conference proceedings, onsite audio recording and presentation slide synchronization, as well as speaker data collection and review tools. Conference proceedings can be distributed on CDs, DVDs, USB Sticks or online. The proceedings are in full color with elegant, easy-to-use interfaces suitable for any number of speakers.

With clients including the U.S. Green Building Council, American Dental Association, Mayo Clinic, American Financial Professionals and more, CadiumCD finds most of their business stemming from associations and non-profits.

In marketing their products and services, CadiumCD attends trade shows as exhibitors to bolster their business. In 2011, CadiumCD introduced three new products: an electronic meeting poster, a mobile app and an online itinerary schedule.

Populated by a staff of graphic designers, A/V technicians, multimedia specialists and technical support personnel, CadiumCD hired four new employees in 2010. The company expects to continue expansion and would consider hiring new staff if the needs continue. I95