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Enhancing Lives With Better Health And A Real “Plan B”
Roberta Campanaro, RGC Wellness

February 2012

Roberta Campanaro

Roberta Campanaro was born and raised in Baltimore and received a bachelor of science degree in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Maryland. While helping people understand the importance of good nutrition was Campanaro’s first passion, she also learned to love marketing. Campanaro found a way to combine both marketing and nutrition when she went to work for the W.R. Grace and Co. with Grace Culinary Systems. This experience taught her that she definitely had the ability to grow any business, especially if it was promoting good health.

As a mother of three, Campanaro began the common search of many parents to find a way to have her own business that would allow her to raise her children on her own terms. In 2001 she discovered that she could have her own business providing the marketing for a green manufacturer of consumable goods. Best of all it was not a multi-level marketing company and the company manufactured five full lines of products, with their nutrition line standing out as its premier line. She was most impressed with the company’s ability to attract some of the best doctors and scientists in the world in the fields of Nutrition Biochemistry and Chemistry.

Today Campanaro still has her own business that focuses on helping people make better shopping choices that save them money and improve their health, but her greatest joy has been in helping other people come up with a “Plan B” for their lives. “In today’s economy many people are looking for a way to earn an additional stream of income or they may even be looking for a new career, as I was. I help people do just that while representing a company that has everyone’s health and well-being at heart.”

Campanaro has close to 200 marketing executives in her business and has helped people on her team earn a six-figure income without any start-up fees, investment in product or risk to their pocket books. Marketing reps work both part-time and full-time hours developing their own businesses. “So the question for each of you,” she asks, “is do you have a Plan B set up or do you have a Plan B for your employees that you know will provide them with a life-long residual income with no risk involved? If you don’t, I do and my plan allows you to represent a 26-year old, international, Inc. 500 company that is 100 percent debt free and experiences a 95 percent reorder rate month after month and year after year. Best of all, our business is all about enhancing lives by helping others! So what are you waiting for? I would love to help you, too!”

Roberta Campanaro
RGC Wellness