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Big Player in Athletics, Pet Health

December 2011

Nutramax Laboratories Observed in Edgewood

Located in an ordinary business park on Lakeside Boulevard in Edgewood, Nutramax Laboratories, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of health and wellness products for people and pets.

Quick Facts       Employees: 250 Facility size: 2 bldgs, 105,000 square feetFounded in MD: 1992
Sales: $100M
Annual payroll: $18.5M
Econ. Impact in MD: $11M
Maryland vendors: 250Did you know?
Nutramax is the 6th largest bioscience firm in Maryland.
Cosamin is the No. 1 brand recommended by orthopedic specialists.
Cosequin is the No. 1 veterinarian recommended brand.

While you may not have heard of Nutramax products, rest assured that thousands of pet owners, veterinarians and sports enthusiasts have. Take a trip down the aisles of Costco or Sam’s Club, and you’ll find the nutritional supplements that the company offers. Your local veterinarian is likely to suggest Nutramax products for your pet’s health needs.

A privately held business operated by the Henderson family, Nutramax Laboratories’s mission is deeply rooted in Christian beliefs. In fact, the company holds optional Bible study for employees every Wednesday. Founded in 1992, the company is the brainchild of Dr. Bob Henderson, who ran Henderson Pharmacy in the late 1980s before going into nutritional therapies. To date, Nutramax Laboratories has 20 vet and eight consumer labeled products.

Dr. Troy Henderson, vice-president of corporate operations and professional services at Nutramax Laboratories.

Henderson, who acts as chairman of Nutramax Laboratories, developed Nutramax’s flagship product, Cosamin Joint Health Supplement. His sons, Dr. Todd Henderson, CEO and president, and Dr. Troy Henderson, vice president of corporate operations and professional services, oversee the company’s facilities in Edgewood and Lancaster, S.C.

A tour of the Edgewood facility reveals the main building is 85,000 square feet and houses manufacturing, R&D, customer service and executive offices. A separate, 30,000-square-foot building contains marketing, graphics, sales and shipping. Expansion is on tap for Nutramax Laboratories, but not in Maryland. As a result of increasing demands for vet products, the company headed to South Carolina for emerging technologies and product manufacturing. Troy Henderson says that in 18 years, there has never been a layoff, but he acknowledges that the Edgewood facility has limited job opportunities.

“Our goal is to move more manufacturing to South Carolina,” Henderson states. “We have expanded our business to South Carolina but have all intentions and plans to keep our [Edgewood] facility running and creating jobs.”

The Edgewood facility is GMP registered by the National Science Foundation (NSF), which means an outside agency determines the facility is up to their standards. Nutramax products follow manufacturing standards practiced in the pharmaceutical industry. NSF International’s Dietary Supplement Certification program certifies that what is on the label is in the bottle and that the product does not contain undeclared ingredients or unacceptable levels of contaminants. NSF International’s Certified for Sport (athletic banned substances certification program) builds on the Dietary Supplement Certification program by including an additional layer of screening that verifies the product does not contain banned or prohibited substances.

Research associate Stacy Ownby conducts testing under the tissue culture hood in a sterile work environment at Nutramax.

Both the veterinarian and the human products by Nutramax Laboratories follow stringent guidelines for testing and are regulated by the FDA. There are no heavy metals in their nutritional/supplement products, which are used by athletes in professional sports such as the NFL and NHL.

“It was my Dad’s vision to make dietary supplements like a pharmacist would,” Henderson explains. He says his father wanted to make dietary supplements like “big pharma” with all of the checks and balances and quality.

New products are routinely tested in product labs where a standard must be met for quality products. To be
sure standards are met and kept, Nutramax hired top scientist Dr. Brian Cornblatt. After 10 years in oncology at John Hopkins, Cornblatt was hired in 2010 as medical director to develop new products. His experience is taking nutrients found in nature through trials, and he has developed a small team to help with R&D efforts and clinical studies.

“Every day at Nutramax is so different,” Cornblatt mentions. “We can impact millions of people with our products.”

In addition to athletes, famous personalities are known to promote Nutramax products. Jungle Jack Hanna of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium promotes Cosequin for improving animal joint health. Baseball Hall of Fame
pitcher Jim Palmer recommends Cosamin ASU for joint health. “If you want your joints to last, do what I do, take Cosamin ASU,” Palmer announces on a Nutramax TV commercial.

Even famous animals promote Nutramax Laboratories products. Brody, the Kodiak Bear, is an actor, activist and is considered middle-age in bear years. When his trainer Jeff Watson noticed his joints slowing down, he gave Brody Cosequin ASU. The bear’s mobility increased and to say thank you to the makers of the product that helped Brody, the bear-trainer duo traveled to Nutramax last year to show gratitude to the employees.

Looking to the future, Nutramax plans to release one new product and improve on two existing products in 2012. The company is a strong supporter of the Humane Society with product and cash donations. Henderson declares that the strength of the company comes from the religious convictions. “We feel everything we have is God’s, and we are trying to be good stewards with what we have,” Henderson states.

Nutramax Laboratories, Inc. develops nutritional supplements for horses and small animals to help improve their quality of life. Products include Cosequin, the No. 1 veterinarian recommended joint health supplement brand, Proviable-EQ, a digestive aid that encourages normal gastrointestinal function and health, and Welactin Equine, an omega-3 fish oil supplement. To learn more, contact Nutramax Laboratories at 800-925-5187 or visit I95