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Phillip E. Logan
President, CEO, Chairman of the Board, Slavie Federal Savings Bank

October 2011

Phil Logan

Breakfast at the Slavie-sponsored Route 40 Business Association 9/11 Prayer Breakfast. A Saturday afternoon video shoot making a commercial to promote the Harford County Library Foundation’s annual fundraising gala. A Maryland Bankers Association board meeting. Working for donation tips at Half Pints bar to bolster his bid in the “Dancing for the Arts” competition that supports the Center for the Arts organization. Evening dance lessons at Dancing with Friends to learn the waltz for that same event.

And, that was just in one week.

To say that Phil Logan has a heart for service would be an understatement. In addition to leading Slavie Federal Savings Bank as president, CEO and chairman of the board, Logan is a perennial fixture in the community where he works and lives as he gives his time and energy to the organizations mentioned above as well as the Greater Excellence in Education Foundation, the Harford County Chamber of Commerce, and the Babe Ruth Birthplace Foundation, among others.

“I have to give credit to the Slavie executive management team, board members and staff,“ says Logan. “I outlined a vision of community involvement when we opened our doors in Harford County, and they’ve supported it 100 percent.”

A Partial list of organizations supported by Phil Logan and the Board and Staff of Slavie Federal Savings Bank:

Army Alliance
Babe Ruth Birthplace Foundation
Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce
Aberdeen Rotary Club
Academy of Finance Edgewood   High School
ARC Northern Chesapeake Region
Boys Hope Girls Hope
Center for the Arts
Christian Business Men’s Connection
Greater Excellence in Education Foundation
HARBEL Housing Partnership
Harford Community College Foundation
Harford County Chamber of Commerce
Harford County Public Library Foundation
Harford Family House
Harford Habitat for Humanity
Harford Leadership Academy
John Carroll School
Neighborhood of Greater Lauraville
Overlea-Fullerton Business Association
Preston Mitchell Foundation
Route 40 Business Association
The Highland School

Slavie Federal Savings Bank is no stranger to community involvement. Its founding by Bohemian immigrants in 1900, and its continued growth and success, is a testament to how the customers and the staff work together toward common goals. For 111 years, the bank has actively supported its customers with time, guidance and monetary contributions to the organizations that serve them. Logan states, “When we decided to move our corporate headquarters to Harford County and open a new branch to provide better access to our clients who had moved here, the first thing we did was join the Chamber of Commerce – an entire year before we opened our doors. By the time we opened in 2000, I was no longer the new kid on the block. It was a great way to get immersed in the county and learn about the people.”

The Bel Air branch and Slavie’s Corporate Headquarters are located at 1614 E. Churchville Road at Route 543. The large red brick building is much larger than it appears from the street, with the corporate offices and community room behind the branch. “The community room is a nice 19-foot-by-28-foot meeting space that can accommodate approximately 30 people seated,” explains Logan. “It’s been very popular with several local Girl Scout Brownie Troops, Boy Scout Tiger Packs, the Retired Teachers Association and the Homestead Homeowners Association. It’s available to any local non-profit organization free-of-charge.

“Additionally, when we moved our corporate offices from our Northern Parkway branch to Bel Air, we left the entire second floor of that building vacant,” he says. But, not for long. The new Girls Hope house made famous on an episode of “Extreme Makeover” in 2010 was right down the street from the branch, and their management was looking for new office space. “Slavie decided to allow the organization to take over the entire second floor – rent free,” Logan adds with a smile.

Logan was one of the founding members of the Greater Excellence Education Foundation (formerly the Greater Edgewood Education Foundation or GEEF). He met President/Founder Deborah Merlock at the Harford Leadership Academy in 2004. During a session on education, Merlock enthusiastically shared an idea she had about forming an organization to help build community partnerships and enhance the educational opportunities for children. Logan wasn’t aware of the need created in some schools from shrinking funding or an economically disadvantaged parent base. Merlock and Logan became quick friends and partners, establishing GEEF in 2005. Originally focused on providing services and programs to the Edgewood area schools, GEEF has now expanded to the entire county.

“The Harford Leadership Academy was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had,” Logan recalls. “I got to really connect with 35 other colleagues, learn their businesses or organizations and discover how everyone benefits from a collaborative environment. It gave me a unique perspective that has helped me create and adapt my own personal vision as well as the vision for Slavie.”

As a respected member of the financial community, Logan has been asked to serve as a Board Member of the Maryland Bankers Association, a member of Harford County Executive David Craig’s special banking commission, and most recently as a Financial Committee member of the Harford County Economic Development Advisory Board. “When you are asked to be part of something because of what you bring to the table, that’s something to be proud of,” he says, although reluctantly. “I’m also very blessed that my company supports me with the freedom to put the energy and time it takes to make a worthwhile contribution to these causes and boards.”


The Bel Air branch of Slavie is home to many framed certificates, trophies and awards that honor Slavie and Logan’s enduring commitment to the community. Little league baseball team photos hang next to executive citations of merit. Dancing feet pledge cards climb a column and a sold out raffle for two tickets to the upcoming Dancing for the Arts dance competition serve as evidence of the support his community and customers give back. And, for a small company, they leave a big footprint. Slavie and its 28 employees are involved with over 50 organization and associated charities. “I didn’t have to sell the idea to our employees. They know that service to the community is good business. Our mission was and remains ‘Strengthening communities. Serving neighbors.’ We truly live that every day.” I95